PODs 12-16

Well, I actually skipped Thursday (Jan. 12) so I tossed in an extra one for Saturday

Jan. 13

My scrap shopping loot. I spent 8 bucks. I was looking for specific things but I couldn't find them. I didn't buy patterned papaer. Which is a rarity for me. Those KI stickers are so cute. Got them to match the paper I got last time. And i *heart* those 7gypsies tags.

Jan. 14

It rained. I took a walk down the street in the evening and this is what I saw. Not too often we get red sunsets around here. Anyhow, the two things I like to take pics of are sunsets and clouds. So, of course I ran out and snapped this...


I kind of liked how the sky reflected into the puddles. And I found the cracks to be sort of interesting. I kind of like the movement on this picture and the line. Coolness.

Jan. 15
My pad thai, which was dinner. I was craving Thai food all weekend...yummy. Love that stuff. I'm also craving Mexican food right now. Yummmm.

Jan. 16
Meet my new favorite lip gloss. Got it as a very late Christmas present on Sunday (my friend Amy gave me a tin with 3 kinds of these). C.O. Bigelow Mentah Lip Tint in No. 1138. I tried the lip shine version of this and I loved it...and they came out with tints. For some reason, I hadn't picked one up yet. Anyways, I'd loved the sine and the minti-ness of this (which sometimes gets really addicting), and so the tint was a plus. Besides, this tint is perfect. I love red gloss, and this is the perfect sheer red. Love it. Check it out?

Got "featured artist" on Scrap Jazz....very cool, especially considering I only stop by once in awhile. lol.


Michelle W. said…
how cool that you got featured on scrapjazz! 8 bucks! you did good girl.

Felicia said…
That is totally cool that you got featured on Scrapjazz. I haven't been to that site in a long time. I'll have to check it out. Congrats.
nadine said…
congrats on the scrapjazz thing!

i am totally loving these photos. i had chinese food on saturday night, and i totally should have pulled out the chopsticks.

and btw, where's my lipgloss? ;)
Kat said…
love all your pictures! and i LOVE those ki stickers!!! soo cute. good thing i didn't see them at the store when i went ; ) congrats on the scrapjazz! exciting : )
Emily Kate said…
Aren't thsoe 7gypsies tags adorable?? Love them! And that pad thai looks yummy! I've never had that. Hmm...
Chris-el-da said…
love the pics. and thai food. am so eating pad thai tonight!
and! then new pad has a Thai Restaurant less than 45 seconds away!

love and miss you!
you DO have my digits!!!

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