POD 5: Diet Pepsi With Lime

I swear I drink too many of these. I really need to drink more water. Soda = bad, right? But I don't know. I keep reaching for these.

It also happens to be that this is a supplement to my coffee when I really need it. I down a bunch of these when I'm at production days for newspaper.

I actually like the Coke version better but my dad keeps bringing the Pepsi home because it's always on sale or something. I don't really care though because I'm not very picky about Coke vs. Pepsi or whatever...I'll take either.

Scrap-wise, this week has been kind of cool. I won a LO contest over at Scrapologie, I was LO of the Day yesterday over at Scrap Jazz, and I was one of the picks for Effer Dare 17. Cool. What was funny about the LO of the Day was that I posted the LO on Christmas or something and it got picked for January 4. haha. Now if someone would publish me, that would be nice.


nadine said…
i dont like pop very much. every now and then i drink one, but it's usually because there's nothing else.
Lorrie said…
I like Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and Coke Zero best.. lol.
I'm sure you'll get published soon - you're work is great! No wonder you won LO of the day!!! Cool angle on the pic too! Happy Friday!
Benita said…
Great pic, although I'm not a pop drinker at all....just don't like anything that's carbonated...makes me burp too much ;)
Dar said…
Fun photo, Im a diet pepsi girl, it runs in my veins.
Alison said…
Didn't know that existed.
I'm so on my way to the store.
tania said…
totally loving the artsy angle of your photo!
Anonymous said…
of course you won the LO contest, you're freaking amazing!
and i'm a diet pepsi girl too, it's totally my caffeine!
Crafty Jacqui said…
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April said…
another diet pepsi drinker!
woo hoo!


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