POD 11: My 3-in-1. That I'm in LOVE with!

Correction from yesterday's post - it's 2 THREE hour classes. not two six hour classes. See? My mind really was dead.


I promise to quit with the computer-related PODs. But I love my printer/scanner/copier so much that it was so worthy of a POD. Hah.

Seriously, I'm obsessed with it. I think I tell Nadine about it's awesomeness constantly. I'm sure my friends are sick of hearing about it too!!

It's an HP Photosmart 3210. We got it when we got the new computer. It's print quality is fantastic, especially if you print photos! I love the scanning abilities (the only gripe is that it's not large-format but I don't do enough 12x12 anyways), and the functions. And I love that it has memory card slots for SD, CF, and others so that I don't have to ever install camera software!


ONE MORE DAY....then 4-day weekend. This week has dragged on FOREVER. bah!


nadine said…
yes, yes you do mention it fairly often! i've come to believe it's actually your best friend!
Kat said…
i thought the 6 hour class sounded crazy.....
love my 3-n-1 (+1, got a fax, too ; ) ) too! fantabulous! love all your POD's : )
I love my HP printer too!!! :) Are you ready to swap pages girlie ???? Let me know!
Emily Kate said…
I understand why you love it, it is quite beautiful!! :)
Chris-el-da said…
who's the chick on the top? do you know any blondes???

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