POD 10: Self-portrait

Okay, I cheated. This is actually from last night.

But, forgive me because I'm stupid. Last night, when I uploaded photos to my computer, I left my memory card in the reader in my printer....and forgot to put it back in the camera. This morning, when I left for school, I totally was going to take pictures during my ridiuclous 2-hour gap, but when I took my camera out to take a funny picture of someone in the Courier office....my camera won't turn on. I discovered that the battery/memory card slot was open and that there was no memory card inside.

And since I had class til late today...yeah.

Yeah. Stupid, I am. haha.

I'm really despising school right now. It's just not very interesting right now. And I have two 6-hour classes and my attention span lasts like...um....30 minutes? haha! This is going to be a long six weeks.

So when I was trying to take the Sims picture yesterday, when it was loading the screen temporarily goes black for just a second...and since I had my camera ready to go I discovered that the reflection made for a cool self-portrait.

There you have me with messy hair and PJs. One of these days, I'll take a better version of this.

Oh - and I have a toot. One of my layouts are going to get pubbed in the Reality Scrapbooking book! My first toot EVER!!! whoo hoo! I actually submitted like four, two before they came up with the "stage of your life" theme. But I knew if I got picked up this LO was going to be the one that did! Yay!


island girl said…
lol..i love that you took your pic in the monitor!! that is too funny!

and six hour class!! holy smokes chica...what were you thinking?!!

congrats again on your toot...so supa excited for you!!
nadine said…
that picture is freaking cool!
Kat said…
that pic is sooo cute! love it
don't know how anyone could ever do a 6 hour class, yuck!
and congrats on the toot! sooooo exciting!!!!!! : )
Emily Kate said…
Cool pic! And I love that you took it in your monitor! HA!
chris jenkins said…
i dig on the reflection picture - very cool!

six hours? wishin you luck on getting through it but just think you won't ever have to do it again! that's the way I psyched myself up for it when I was in school

congrats on the toot!
Anonymous said…
you are so cute girl!
congrats on RS,
yay for you!!!!!!
you totally deserve it,
your awesome chickee!
RACHEL =) said…
I think that pic of you is so cute!!!!! And WOO-HOO on your layout getting picked up by RS, that is soooo awesome, girl!! =)
maggie holmes said…
congrats girls - that is awesome - you deserve it!!

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