Happy 2006!

My new years eve was pretty low-key but it was fun and definitely no arguments this year. phew. We all just gathered at my friend Amy's house but decided to crash another get-together at this other dude's house since our friend Linda was there.

So while people were playing poker and Madden football, they set up the Mah-jong table for us and we played. It was funny because all of us forgot how to set the tiles up so we were sitting there for awhile trying to figure it out. Mah-jong is a ton of fun though, definitely addicting.

I signed up for a "Last Picture of 2005" thing at Scrapologie so here it is. This is the champagne bottle right before the cork flew off.

So I actually brought my camera out of hibernation that evening and pissed off all my friends by taking a million random pictures....

This is a very cool shot of Nora and her boy Brendan. I took it through the champagne glass....I love it! I don't know why but a lot of the pictures I took last night were of these two. Hahah. I'm such a stalker, aren't I? teehee.

Later, we went to an Asian cafe, which are basically these restaurants in which Asian people try to cook American food basically Asian-style (um....pasta with ketchup anyone?) They have some good stuff, too but I wasn't too hungry. We just went to basically hang out (and fulfill Amy's hunger).

So the quote of the night -

While Nora and Brendan were armwrestling, Nora was struggling and going "If I were using my thighs, I would so be winning right now!" When I heard that, I just HAD to take a picture and write that down as soon as I got home. hah.

New Years Eve 2006, we're planning to go to Vegas. I rang in 2005 in Vegas but it isn't quite that hip til you're legal. So. Next year.

And here are my 2006 Resultions/Intentions/Goals/Whatever. I just listed them quickly before I went to sleep last night so I have it when I do a LO -
- grow independence
- persue scrapbooking opportunities (mags, DTs, etc)
- be active
- build a stronger writing portfolio
- improve photography
- grab opportunities and make the most of them
- look for love but don't force it
- take chances.

Well then, this is turning into a novel soooo.....happy new year!!! :D


Emily Kate said…
Cool pic, C! And looks like you had a fun night!
Jennifer said…
cool shot through the glass!
Kelley said…
love the shot through the glass! great idea! TFS. Kelley P
Kelly Miller said…
Those are some really good pics......good luck on your new year intentions!!
Ken said…
Happy New Year to you.
RACHEL =) said…
Hey girlie!! Sounds like you had a fun night... and I LOVE that pic through the glass! Very cool!!!

Happy New Year!! =)
Kat said…
love all your cool pics! that champagne glass one is toooo cool! happy new year!
Chris-el-da said…
the thighs!
i almost spit orange juice all over the place
you crack me up kathy!
great pics
my favorite is of the rain at the parade
happy new year chica!
Cheers to a low key New Year's!!!

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