random monday thoughts

my scrapping mojo is missing. i sit down and i don't feel like producing anything. actually, i think it's more a case of "i don't feel like scrapping any of my photos"-itis. so if any of you would like to photo swap with me, PLEASE DO!! :D *insert huge hopeful grin here*

so my first full week of vacation. and it seems like it's going to be a vacation full of FOOD. lots of it. the ginormous amount of caffiene intake i've been having the last couple of months made me lose a few pounds so at least i have some room to work with, right? hahah.

so my buddy elaine was listing all the things she had planned for break. so far mine reads something like this: vegas/arizona (26th-29th or so), christmas at auntie's, downtown outdoor ice skating (we're going at night which should make it very pretty but it's gonna be freezing. for my so-cal ass anyways), SHOPPING (i am in very bad need of jeans and winter clothes), scrapping, taking picture (it's gonna be a break FULL of pictures), fondue again (probably just for dessert yummmm), movies (narnia...and other things), watching the vegas bowl (elaine goes to cal so she would really like to watch this), watching the sun bowl (she threw this in for my sake since UCLA is playing in it), EATING EATING EATING. and other things i don't have planned just yet.

so i just barely started my christmas shopping yesterday. well, i'm making most of my presents....but those presents have yet to be started. i am so so soooo bad. such a procrastinator.

we had our newspaper christmas party on friday. i didn't take a ton of pictures. but one of the photogs took nice pics of me so if i ever get them....haha. everyone thought i was drunk (even though i was completely sober!!) because i kept laughing so hard, but everyone is so freaking hilarious so i couldn't help it! and i finally made up my mind. i will be returning for my FOURTH semester on staff. am i crazy or WHAT?!

i haven't really taken very many pictures this month. perhaps my camera is recovering from them PODs last month.

i successfully resisted the urge to go scrap shopping today. sometimes laziness has its virtues. i really want to go tomorrow, though. someone help me. please. hahaha.

hello my name is caroline, and i am addicted to the sims 2. hahah. that game is really hilarious. i created all my friends as sims. soooo funny.

i am also addicted to playing graffiti with friends. sooooooo hilarious. everytime i play that with them, i sooo cannot stop laughing. such great times.

i wanna play mah jong this break...haven't done that with the buddies in awhilst.

so i leave you with this cool picture. it's an out-of-focus shot (on purpose, i put it on macro and just didn't get close to it so it wouldn't focus) of the christmas tree of the girl who hosted the courier christmas party. i would like to make a banner out of this but i have been lazy. oh well.


I will swap photos with you :) I just can't do it till January though :( Let me know!
Kat said…
totally feel you on the notwantingtoscrap level. actually, i just really need to clean my space then i could probably get some done........... awesome pic, btw. it would be really cool in some lo! fun fun : )
nadine jenine said…
i want to scrap all the time right now, but alas, i must study.
EK said…
Fun photo!!
monica said…
It's the holidays and the cold that make us lose our mojo, but hurry up and get it back, your stuff is great!!!
island girl said…
oh girl..i so understand the procrastination...i had visions of home made scrappy gifts for everyone...but alas...only 2 people are getty scrappy gifts!!

and i would love to do a swap-a-roo, so just let me know..i can't believe you think you have no mojo..i have been lovin everything you've posted at the pea pod!!

mahjong..it's been forever since i played...oohhh..i have memories of that game at family parties!!
tara said…
you can have a couple of mine!
Liz said…
Caroline! the photo is awesome....so artistic. i'd love to do a photo swap with you....but you know that already. :)
Anonymous said…
i hate it when my mojo goes MIA!
it'll find it's way home girl,
you're far too talented to be down for long!
Chris-el-da said…
i will photo swap with you as well!!!
nice talking to you the other day
brynne was gigglin' cause she was tipsy! and barely remembers that night
yay on the newspaper again!
awww no more POD? i love your POD! it inspired me to take more random shots of "life" (and in some ways, to buy that new camera that i can't figure out how to use)
so there!
and chicken grease!

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