One more day 'til bliss...

How cute is this thing? I'm a gingerbread latte fan, so I love this time of year for that. I was totally a lover of the Starbucks version until I was at Borders one day and ordered one from Seattle's Best Coffee, which is inside our Borders. Not only did I fall in love with this little gingerbread man on top of my drink but it tastes better than Starbucks's. Yum. Starbucks's version is slightly cheaper though.

So yes, I was at Borders this morning, planning to flip through mags and study for my bio final. Except, studying ended up being out of the question because of these people that were pissing me off majorly. There was this one lady who was on her cell phone the entire time....actually, it was more like every time she hung up, it rang again. I swear that thing went off every 2 minutes. To make it worse, her ring was my ring so every time it went off, I kept thinking it was MY phone...yeah. And next to me, this woman was having a therapy session or something. Well I dunno what they were discussing because they were speaking Armenian or something, but she was talking to this other woman who had a pen and pad in her lap, so that's what my little brain thought it was.

Seriously. I go to bookstores to get peace and relax. Pfft.

Oh, while at Borders I saw the new Simple Scrapbooks, with my pal Nadine's photo in the "Focus on Photos" section. It was beeeyooootiful, so I demand everyone go check it out!

My bio final wasn't that hard. The problem was that I thought it would be 50 questions like the rest of the tests, and was extremely surprised when I saw 100. But most of the questions were off the old tests which I had so.

So glad bio class is over. Seriously. My prof = an asstard. I swear, he told us 492834023804 times that he was teaching anatomy next semester and I kept thinking "well that's another reason not to take it!"

Tomorrow, I have to turn in a bunch of stuff for newspaper and then I'll be done. For 3.5 weeks, anyways.


nadine said…
you said asstard! yay! ;)

and that little gingerbread man is so cute! i could never study at a bookstore - too temping to browse instead of studying!

thanks for the advertisement of my superior success. ;)
Corinnexxx said…
Hi there! good for you that your exam went well! yes I sometimes went to the libary to study but with kids running around and making loud noises i rather stayed home.

daphne said…
congrats on getting that bio final out of the way! the gingerbread latte looks so darn yummy...too bad I'm not a gingerbread fan, but I'm tempted to try this one out. and the bookstore...well, ours is a hangout for kids that are always making some kind of ruckus...not the place to find peace and quiet, darnit! LOL
Tawnya said…
Hey. Just checking out your blog. Looks like you have a vacation coming up soon :) I have never heard of that coffee place but that sure did look delious! I love coffee as well.. I am gonna have to run and get one this morning... have a great one!
LOL! Too funny, that is a great reason not to take it. :o)

I haven't had a gingerbread latte yet, hmmm, may have to give it a shot.
Jennifer said…
That latte looks soooo yummy!!!
Muriel said…
That looks yummy. I think I will check that out on Firday..before book club meeting..
Kat said…
ohmygod that looks soooooo yummy! mmmmmm. glad your finals are done!

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