Mondays fart.

Okay, not quite Monday yet.

Only two more weeks to go, though, (actually more like 1.5) so that's good.

Um, so my vanity and I took photos of myself today. Well, it was because I needed one for a LO I had in mind and I hadn't taken one since...for a few months.

That was the first time I picked up my camera in what seems like forever!

So them LOs I made...I made 2 for the Reality Scrapbooking call that I really really like....and I'm itching to post, but I can't. I swear, it's driving me NUTS.

But I can let you peek at these -

For the Effer Dare. When I first started scrapping seriously this year, I had the Memory Makers top 50 issue, and they said that paint chips were one of the when I went to Wal-Mart, I picked a BUNCH of them up. I'm talking a TON (I'm so bad). Anyways, I never ever used them on a page. Until now. I think I should start using these more often because they're kind of fun to use. Perfect for a girl like me who LOVES color!

Nadine and I challenged each other to lift each other. I chose her "Keep on Rockin'" LO because I love the design soooo much. So fun!

In other news...UCLA totally stunk it up against USC this weekend. It was PAINFUL. I think the final score was like 66-19. It looked like UCLA just decided to give up before the game started or something...Drew Olson, who's been hot all year, totally just wasn't feeling it. I was expecting them to actually make it CLOSE and an actualy GAME but it just ended up being in embarrassment. pfffft.

Oh well.

So my friend Elaine and I were talking about the I'll be "starting college all over again" next year...this is what my other reality scrapbooking layout was all about. How I'm excited...but also scared and worried about being on my own.....Also...We'd been talking about her going to law school and me either working in magazines or going to grad school in NYC....and sharing a loft....we were talking about that again. So cool. I was actually going to apply to Syracuse to transfer to, but decided against it. One reason was because of the weather (I'm a spoiled so-Cal girl, what can I say?!) but the other reason was because I don't feel ready to move that far away from home just yet. But by the time I graduate from UC wherever, I would be. So cool if that would happen....


Birgit said…
Oh, I love your LO's especially the one for the Effer Dare! Love color too!
Sophia said…
Beautiful layout and your photos are great!

Corinnexxx said…
Great photo's girl! you look great and so does your work! love your effer dare, I hope I find time this week to make it too!

Can't wait to see your lo for the reality scrapbooking project, I have to finish mine also. I have 3 in mind and I already have one finished!

Alison said…
I saw these on 2peas and loved them.
Love them here too.
I actually decided not to submit anything to Reality Scrapbooking because I can't TAKE the not posting.
I have issues.
Love your blog.
bookit said…
great idea with the paint chips!
Your lo's are awesome and you took some great pics of yourself!!
Jennifer said…
Love these LO's - Your style is so awesome!!!
Kat said…
i LOVE your lo's! awesome! good luck w/all your future decisions- and we ARE spoiled by the weather out here!!!!
Chris-el-da said…
i stole one of your photos... put it on my blog and proceeded to do a whole post about you! please come with your sense of humor!

love ya doll! and thanks for not calling me back hooker!
Emily Kate said…
What fun LOs!! That Coaster one is so great!
Your layouts look great!!! Keep em'coming :)
nadine said…
yeah the thought of next year scares me a bit.
Anonymous said…
i LOVE your funky cool amazing style! as always!
kreativekell said…
love the creative and colorful layouts!

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