Merry Christmas Eve!

I've been out and about all week and I've finally got a moment to sit, breathe and update the blog!

So yes, I've been playing and eating alllll week long. 'Tis what happens when all your friends come home and I love it!

I don't even remember what I've done. Nothing big, but a bunch of little things. All I remember is that I've eaten out a ton this week. haha.

My camera's sort of been in hibernation. haha.

OH, I've got some exciting news. Not sure if I'm allowed to say what it is yet, but I am excited. whoo hoo!

My no buying scrapping supplies until after Christmas plan didn't go over so well especially after my grandma gave me a gift early. I think I've gone scrap shopping twice this week. Whoops. And I'm still pretty much short on lettering things!


Kat said…
oh, i want to know the surprise! i've been doing the exact same as you, eating! have a merry merry christmas : )
Chris-el-da said…
are you pregnant?
did you win a scrapbooking contest?

and hey... where are the cjs?! we're being held up woman! ahahah!

and i love the melting pot
but last time i was there
i ordered lobster tails
(because i am stupid)
and paid $65 for my dinner
Caroline said…
no! dude i am not pregnant!

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