i'm home!

i spent 2 nights in vegas and 1 night at my aunt's in arizona (well, it's 20 minutes away from both california and nevada)

let's just say...i didn't get to do much in vegas because i came down with some food poisoning or some stomach bug and spend most of tuesday throwing up...i couldn't keep anything down.

soooooo.....all that shopping and taking pictures and walking up and down the strip that i planned to do while i was in vegas.....yeah, didn't get to do any of that. pfft.

for not being 21 yet, i've been to vegas way too many times though, so it's all good. i do believe that next time i'm in sin city, it'll be after my 21st birthday! caroline is going to go wild....well, not really.

i did shop a bit while at my aunt's though. i got 2 blazers on clearance for under 8 bucks, one of those cool sequined shrugs i wanted, 2 pairs of jeans, a cool top, earrings, necklaces, a pair of those big sunglasses (which aren't the best for my face but they're fun so i thought what the heck!)....oh and i got cool jewelry and a cool gold purse in vegas at this everything $10 store in our hotel (excalibur).

since a bunch of you people are going to vegas for CHA i should do a post on vegas highlights.....

oh and my exciting news. well i can't publicly say what it is until next month. damnit i'm going crazy here! hahah!

i have a couple of pictures....but since i'm too lazy to upload them, i'll just wait til tomorrow!


nadine said…
whats with everyone getting sick over christmas? glad you're back!
Kat said…
yay! soundsl ike fun, except the food poisoning part : p oh, and now i want to know!
Chris-el-da said…
fess up kathy!
you had alcoholo poisining you underage drinker!
glad you're better
and yay for the goodies!
i want to go to vegas!!
Emily Kate said…
Sorry you got sick! That sucks!
Anonymous said…
ohhhhh, you poor thing!
i can't believe you got sick in vegas...
that's such a bummer!
Gary said…
I havent been to Vegas in a long time, but I would love to go back.
BTW, you have a great blog
Molly said…
I so can not wait to hear what your big news is!!! Ugh on the being sick part!!!
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