Ice Princess?

I dug out some of my old skating photos because of a LO I had in mind...good memories.

So the first thing that came to mind when I first saw these was "damn! I look really skinny!"

These are from, like, 7th or 8th grade. I think 7th grade because these are my old skates.

And this is my skating picture from a couple of months ago....


First thing on my list for this winter break is ice skating, I think. Whoo.

Okay, I was feeling nostalgic, okay?


Corinnexxx said…
girl you still look skinny! Great photo's! can;t wait to see your lo with them!

Chiara said…
OOh wonderful pictures
Becca said…
You must be TOUGH to ice skate in a tank!!

And still are skinny!!!

Fun, fun!

Kip said…
Well, to me, you still look very good! I wish I was as thin as you!!

Chris-el-da said…
holy moly kathy!!! you're wearing a tank top? i bet you freeze your tushy off!

(i'd post something rather vulgar, but am not sure your other bloggers would appreciate my humor. so, i'm going to email it to you!) lmao!!!

lub ya!
Jennifer said…
Great pics - looks like you were having so much fun... I would just be on my butt in every picture ;)
Kat said…
cute cute pics! i want to go iceskating.........
Super cute. I think ou look FAB in all your pictures.
nadine said…
i'm HORRIFIC at skating! my feet start to hurt immediately!
Scott said…
Nice skating pics... fun to be nostalgic isn't it? I love the winter!!

These pics are too cute!!! I have years and years of dancing photos. I think Lee and I are going to try and head out ice skating sometime this coming week. :)
Anonymous said…
you look spectacular girl!!!!
love these pics!

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