Weekend POD + other things

I'm not very good about posting every day, so I'll just do this every 3 days or so....

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Went to Starbucks Friday morning whoop. There's a vanilla latte in that cup, which is what I almost always end up getting when I go there (when it's hot, though I usually get an iced coffee or a coffee frap). I was hoping they'd start having their holiday drinks around now, because I fell in love with the gingerbread latte last year, but no avail. Anyone notice how they spelled my name "CaroLYN?!" It's one of my pet peeves. Or when the pronounce it that way. Or, the worst was when my bio teacher started pronouncing it "Caro-LEEN." WTF.

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Joined the Sudoku craze recently. My whole family has started getting into it....yes, even a dumbass like me can solve these things. haha. They're quite addicting.

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Went out to Dim Sum for lunch with a couple of friends today. Haven't had that stuff in awhile, I missed it. Yummy stuff. Missed the friends too, because we haven't really hung out in a long time!

And I've been getting packages from my Secret Santa! :D
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{KI papers, AC letter stickers, Scrapworks tabs}

I gotta start mailing some of my presents to my person, and I gotta shop some more for her too. This is fun!

UCLA's streak came to an end yesterday. Only saw the beginning of the game, but from the score, it was brutal. And to Arizona?! Sheesh. That was, um, sad. But it's obvious that the Bruins really need to step their defense up a bit, or USC is really going to kick their ass in a couple of weeks. Oh yeah, those Trojans need to lose. NOW. pfffft.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Cool photos! Love the angle on the coffee shot!

rosagirl said…
These are all great shots! That dim sum makes me hungry! LOL.
Nicki said…
Ooo loving the coffee one! All of them are great photos.
Great pics!! That game looks like something I could get addicted to!
waynette said…
Looks like you had a good weekend.
That Secret Santa gift looks awesome!!! I can't wait to get mine :D Yipppeee! I need to send mine out as well.
Emily Kate said…
Wait...I know it's spelled Caroline but it's pronounced Carolyn right?
Jessica F said…
I am addicted to those Soduko puzzles too!!! Actually I *was* but once I conquered the easy, and medium levels and then got my butt kicked attempting the advance, I gave up. hehe

I love your pictures! I need to get better about my potd!
Artsyfartsy1 said…
Oh girl the Gingerbread Lattes are my FAVs...also love the pumpkin spice but it doesn't come in Sugar Free. DO checkout www.davincisyrups.com
they have the most AWESOME syrups available for purchase online. Sugar free, regular ones...even the cool pumps like Starbucks has. Recipes galore on the site too. I'm totally addicted!
Chris-el-da said…
i had a date once to eat Dim Sum. it was awesome. kinda weird food. and i was pregnant so...

anyway... lucky you for all the secret santa stuff. love the pic of the sun rising down below...

and carolyn, kathy, caroleen... try having a name like "chriselda" for a day!!!

the most common response i get is "chris-a-whatta-whatta" ???
talk to you later sweetie!

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