POD 9 & 10

Whoo more pictures. lol.

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Why an ass shot? This is Don, one of the writers on newspaper this semester. Since my page was done (relatively) early, I started snapping random pictures...including of Don. I was showing him, and he was like "but that's not even my good side" and so I go "so what IS your good side?" And then he sticks out his ass. LOL.

I expected newspaper to end earlier yesterday but we had a huge story that ended up not being done until way late. So, even though the front page was almost done since around 6, I left around 9.

Yesterday was hilarious though. I kept getting cranky and yelling out (jokingly) random insults to people. One girl was going around with a pair of reindeer antlers on her head and it was funny. Me and Brian, our photo editor, kept mock-getting made at each other and pretended like we were going to throw things (my huge bag, a chair....) at each other. I don't know. I was cracking up the entire day.

Although, I kept getting tired. Took me a cup of coffee and two 20 oz bottles of diet Pepsi (I would've gotten more coffee but it was raining and I was not going to get my lazy ass up and walk across the street for a cup of joe) to get through the entire day.

Speaking of coffee/caffeine, I've found that it's a huge appetite suppressant for me. I've recently started drinking coffee every morning (before it was like when I felt like it or when I needed it) and found that I'm less of a pig. hah. So I lost a couple of pounds. I call it my "caffeine diet."

Anyways, here's today's picture...

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Newspaper people make fun of me because I really like taking pictures of clouds for some reason. We'd be on the way to conferences and I'd be in the car taking pictures of clouds. Haha. It rained yesterday and I think though the night so we had some cool clouds. I was out at Target and Jo-Anns, looked up, liked what I saw and so I snapped a picture of it. Yay.


chris said…
love the ass shot and i love taking pics of the sky too - very cool!
SageHen said…
Boy, is that a blast from the past. I love newsrooms, they are just so wacky!
melissa said…
lol at the ass shot! I love the sky picture-just beautiful. :)
rosagirl said…
These two shots are awesome. And couldn't be different. LOL. What a cute story too. And I can't wait to hear what you picked up on your shopping trip.. any neat goodies? :)
Emily Kate said…
Cool pics! That first one cracked me up!! Sorry you were stuck doing paper stuff so late. That would be a cool experience tho!
Chris-el-da said…
omg! i'm laughing my good side off!!

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