POD #1, 2, 3 (and more paper for me)

Okay, I signed up for the Photo-a-day thing on the Pub. But I've been lazy and busy so I haven't posted pics til now.

Also, I was unfortunately without a camera on the 1st (my mother took it), so I'll just use a picture from the 31st to substitute for it....

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My cousin, Naru, came from Vancouver on Halloween. So we went to Claim Jumper for dinner. Those desserts are crazy. But yummy. {10/31/05}

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From yesterday - newspaper production day. I really did not have time to think about taking photos (more like I needed to worry about yelling at people about photos for my page), because it was sooo stressful yesterday. None of the stories for my page were in, so my page was blank til about 5 (which is supposed to be the printer deadline). Also, I wanted to hold a news story I was working on, except my EIC absolutely needed it so I was struggling with that half the day too. So glad yesterday is over. {11/02/05}

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I happened to be in Downtown L.A. today, so I got this cool photo of City Hall. {11/03/05}

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{bunch of paper - BG, KI, Scrapworks, K&Co., Chatterbox.... AC ribbon, KI stickers, 7gypsies tags}
I also went shopping today. You know, scrapbook shopping. After getting lost a couple of times (I tried to do this Tuesday also, but got lost too and then realized that I had to get my butt over to school then and there or I would miss my bio test) and almost getting run over twice, I made it over to a Memories store in Burbank. That place is awesome. That is all. I need to go back because I want more stuff! hah.

Hopefully with this and more pictures I printed today, I can get out of my little mojo funk.....

p.s. I've been so out of it/busy that I totally forgot that it was a new month and that means a new garden sprouted on 2Ps. haha.


SageHen said…
You and your cousin are so stinking cute. ANd I can so relate to newspaper deadlines. After being an editor for a while, I try *really* hard not to push deadlines, it's just so stressful for everyone.
I love that everyone uses Mac's for publishing and video :D Mac's rule! Glad you got some new scrappin goodies :D
giuseppina said…
Hi there!
I was wondering where you go to school? I noticed that you stopped at the Memories store in Burbank...I've been there too! Well, not for a while, but I still know where it is!

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