Picturesssss :)

From this week!! Yayness :)


From bio lab. We got to poke through owl pellets to find bones of things the owl ate. Sort of gross but interesting....


This pic was actually not taken on Tuesday, but it fits. I was telling my friend Elaine about my new desktop picture -

HYPER starre x: my desktop image is of a bunch of pennis
HYPER starre x: pennies*
HYPER starre x: not penises
HYPER starre x: haha
Elaine: hahahhahahaha
Elaine: I'm going to quote that
HYPER starre x: pennies damnit

She posted that on her livejournal. lol. The picture is actually from production day last Wednesday. This guy was walking around with a bunch of pennies in his jacket (which was tied around his waist) pockets and when he started dancing and spinning around, they all fell out. He then stacked them and counted them.


My new computer! Yayness. Not the best shot, but will do. Oh, and did I tell you that I'm really obsessed with my new printer? The picture quality is AWESOME. And having a scanner ROCKS! whoo!


Me, my parents and my grandma ended up at Carrows for Thanksgiving yesterday. What I really missed was my aunt's stuffing! I love stuffing and I think hers is the best - she puts chestnuts in it! But this applie pie was good. Yum.


Julie, who is hosting the Thanksgiving bash tomorrow, made me and my other friend Nora go grocery shopping with her...and then help with some prep. This was our cart at Ralph's. We ended up shopping at 3 different markets to get everything we needed - Ralph's, Albertson's and an Asian one for cheap produce. SO here's us prepping too -

Tomorrow will be busy. I have to make 20 of these babies -

(can you tell I'm trying to use up my Fall Stack?!) and then I have to make "decorations" which will be 6x6 LOs hung on clothespins. I also have to bake 2 pumpkin cheesecakes and a pumpkin pie. More helping Julie. Should be fun though!

Nadine challenged me to finish 15 LOs this weekend. I'm at four. Looks like I'm not going to be finishing the other 11. Pffffft.


nadine said…
those place cards are cute! and you WILL finish 15 layouts!
daphne said…
cool photos!
Great photos! Love the pennies story. :o)
melissa said…
those cards are adorable!!-great job on using your stash ;) great photos-lol at the pennie conversation.
Mandy said…
Wow,Cool photos love your banner!
*Paula* said…
Great photos - especially like the pennies story :-). Those place cards are adorable!
SageHen said…
Those cards are adorable, but I have to lol at the name of your store, Ralph's, too funny!
Miss Carrie said…
What a funny post! Pennies vs. Penis...too funny!

LOVE all your Thanksgiving creations.
Anonymous said…
those cards are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to see some pics of your friends t-day bash, those are always so much fun!
Chris-el-da said…
penis? PENIS?! what the #$%! you talkin' about penis? it's dick. DICK. MY DICK!! what am i a $%@!-ing doctor?! DAMN!"

- chris rock from Bad Phone Sex

love that story. i want a place card!!! too cute kathy! and you stole my word you effer! i have a patent on YAYNESS... and anything ending in "ola" like crap-ola, yuck-ola... theif-ola....

love ya hun buns!
Jessica F said…
You take the most awesome pictures. I try to take ones often, but every day I don't. You inspire me to wayyyy more!

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