No more craptacular emachines!

So I'm around and I've been diligently taking a picture (okay, multiple photos, usually) a day, but I haven't been posting them (duh). No pictures in this post, either. Why?!



My old one was getting reaalllyyyyy ridiculously bad. And I was always complaining about it. It just gave me problem after problem, and it was annoying.

So the fam & I were at Best Buy on Saturday. We were actually on the hunt for a phone, because something is wrong with the battery. Instead of a phone, however, we walked out with a brand spankin' new Sony Vaio and a printer!

My printer has pretty much also been half broken for something like the past year. hah.

The printer is a cool one in itself - a 3-in-1 HP 3210. I can print pictures at home (yay, although 4x6 is cheaper to do elsewhere...), scan LOs (no more crappy camera-shot images!), and it came with a negative scanner. whoop.

Obviously, I'm excited but nothing's hooked up yet. And so I'm just waiting until it's set up until I upload pictures onto it.

One annoying part of getting a new computer - moving everything you need from the old one. Took 4 CDRs to hold all the pictures I had on here from the past 3 months, and I didn't realize how many fonts I've accumulated (its ridiculous)!!! lol.



Kat said…
yay new computers! how fun! i love my 3 in 1

love all the pics you've been taking. the cookies just make me want to bake a batch of chocolate chips........ and that tap*ex lo i love (just commented on your 2peas lo) how did you do it?
have fun w/your new computer!
Willie said…
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Congrats on your new purchase!
nadine jenine said…
yay to the new computer!!!!!
I love new computers! It just feels like it works so good. Yummy, your cookies look delish.
Emily Kate said…
Congrats on the new computer! How exciting! And I'm jealous about the printer/scanner- I really want one with a negative scanner!!
scrappin-barb said…
Wow, you've got some awesome pictures on your blog! I can't wait to see more, once you have your new computer hooked up! :)

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