I just couldn't wait.....

So, I just couldn't wait until the new computer was ready. Haha. I guess I'll just have to go ahead and burn a CD with only about a week's worth of (not a ton of) pictures.

I *think* it'll be ready around tomorrow, though. The printer is already out of the box but is just sitting on my desk. hah.

Anyways, for your viewing pleasure....

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My friend Theo. We always say she looks good in anything. Not vests, though, we concluded. This was at Aeropostale. I love their clothes but for some reason they fit really weird so I don't really buy from them. But this day, the whole store was 40% off plus they gave us a 30% off coupon to use. I ended up buying a cool hoodie (LOVED the color, although it could've fit a little bit better...). Except, it's been like 80 degrees over here so I haven't been able to wear it (see Tuesday's pic). Pfft.

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We went to Barstow to meet up with my aunt who just came back from Japan last week. It's pretty much the halfway point between our place and her place in Arizona. On the way back, we stopped by this Harvey House....basically a train station. I went on the railroad tracks for this shot. hah.

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....Yeah. These are the boxes that are still sitting in the living room. That is my new computer, monitor and printer in there.

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Not tooo fond of this shot, but I took it quickly on the way home from school (that is school) and didn't take any shots after this. Anyways, look at the temprature. 'Nuff said.

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They were having a jazz concert across the hall from the newspaper office Wednesday, so while we were waiting for the front page to finish up, we turned the place into a dance floor. hah.

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I had to go cover this thing in the art gallery.....when I went outside I took a pic of the campus at night. Love the glow of the lights and the moon here. It looked even cooler on the LCD screen of my camera, though.

And I'll get yesterday's and whatever I take today up whenever the new computer gets set up (sheesh, it's been a week and it's still in the box. hahah.)

I'm going to a concert today! Plain White T's, Straylight Run, Simple Plan and someone else that I cannot remember! whoo!

And my scrapping mojo has gotte up and ran away. I can't find it. I've tried the retail therapy thing (sheesh I've bought a ton of stuff in the last three weeks or so) and yesterday I finally lifted some LOs to get it going....still can't find it yet, though. grrrrrr. Someone find it for me!


Alison said…
Are you SERIOUS?
That's it.
I moving to your house.
Get ready!
SageHen said…
Great shots all. But I like the moon shot the best!
chris jenkins said…
i was in LA a couple of weeks ago - gorgeous weather - we are still floatin around near the 80's too here in Vegas

hope you have fun with your new computer and printer - you remind me that i so need a new printer - mine sucks - the pics i print off it look awful

hope you have fun at the simple plan concert - i love them!

greats shots and have a wonderful weekend!

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