Happy Thanksgiving :)

PODs will resume...soon :) hahah. I'm just lazy.

This LO was inspired by an entry in Amber's blog...and then I posted it on 2Ps and discovered it was the Garden challenege of the week. So. I just felt like using these papers but I don't have very many girly pictures so the "girly" papers (which I buy a ton of) end up going on my "me" pages...

Nothing too special for tomorrow since most of my family is out of town....it's just me, my mom and dad, and my grandma so we're going out to eat. I, however, CANNOT wait until Saturday which is the annual friends Thanksgiving dinner! yayness! I have to make pumpkin ceesecake. yummm.

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving! :)


Scott said…
Nice blog... just stumbled upon it. Cool picks... and go Clippers, even though they beat my Raptors last night.

Anonymous said…
very cool lo girl! i've always loved your funky artsy style, you know i have! can't wait to see some pics from your friends dinner, you guys always look like you're having so much FUN!
nadine said…
you make pumpkin cheesecake? man. that would be scrumptious!
Julie Ann said…
Love this layout...great work.
Love your little tags, hope your pies turned out great!

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