FINALLY on the new computer.....and PODs

So my dad set this thing up while I was at the concert last night. WHOOP. LOVE it but the IE sometimes gives me problems....I guess that's my problem, though, because I refuse to use AOL's browser. hah. One of these days, I'll use this as my POD...

I'm also without a photo editing program right now....well, I've got Photoshop that I just have to install, but I'm lazy. And now I've got to learn the darn thing, finally.

Okay, so....


Yeah, so that 8-page form has been consuming my mind nowdays. It's due exactly 10 days from today...pretty much done with the filling out part, now I have to worry about the personal statement, which is of course the hardest part of the darn thing. Nervous as hell as to whether or not I'm going to get in anywhere. Maybe I'm overreacting but....I don't know. *fingers crossed*


Concert yesterday was fun! It was technically a Simple Plan concert, who I don't care much for, but we really went to go watch these guys - Plain White T's! I'm telling ya, they are AWESOME so if you haven't checked them out yet, please do! They were the first band up and we got there like 10 minutes late (we were having trouble figuring out where to park and kept going in circles) and so we missed part of their act, and so it seemed really short. Anyhow, we got to meet them and get our CDs signed so that was wayyyy awesome! We're going to go see them again on the 14th - can't wait! :) And this time, they're headling. As for the other bands....I really like Straylight Run but their live performance wasn't all that great (and plus we missed most of it when we were getting our stuff signed), they ended up running out of time for Paramore who had to play outside, and although I'm not a huge fan of Simple Plan, I have to admit that I used to love them back in the day and that their songs are catchy, and that they played an entertaining show. It was just um interesting to be with all these teeny-bopper-ish girls. Yep.


I went to a Clippers game today. My neighbor has season tickets so I go the way they're playing this year. I can't stand the Lakers, but love L.A.'s "other team" although it's looking like the Clippers are starting to become "L.A.'s team" lately. Motion blurs here, but this was the best I could do.


SageHen said…
You won't know if you don't try. Isn't that the creed of the pub. Good luck on the application.
Emily Kate said…
That's awesome you got to see Plain White T's! Thanks for getting me into them!
Glad you like your new computer and that your concert rocked!
Chris-el-da said…
love the pics. yay for the new computer!! go kathy!
nadine said…
i need to start applying to transfer soon too. why why why does it need to be so hard?

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