...because I haven't posted in a little bit -

- Just found out that my cousin's wife delivered a baby girl a couple hours ago. Welcome baby Kylie, who was 6 lbs. 14 oz. and 19 inches. My cousin's wife had been in labor since 2 a.m. today (yesterday now?). Haven't seen pictures but my cousin is sending them over as I speak (or type).

- So for some reason, I find myself being REALLY into UCLA football this year. I've always liked the Bruins, certainly more than them Trojans (I can't stand them), but haven't really paid that much attention til now. Maybe it's because now they're 5-0 thanks to a come-from-behind victory against Cal today. Or maybe because I just might become a Bruin next year. Just maybe. Hopefully, I WILL get into UCLA.

- I was Pubster of the Day over at TwoPeas on Thursday. That was freaking awesome. What an honor. Such coolness. Pubsters/Peas are awesome!!

- Did a couple more 12x12 pages.....and they're now starting to resemble my usual style. Simpleness is fun too, though.

- So I was looking on the KI website today....must have some of them "My Favorite Things" papers. So I fired off an e-mail to the LSS asking them to check it out and may they please carry it? I also suggested some Scenic Route and MOD and Foofala. Some other sutff I want them to carry but I forgot. Hopefully, she'll listen. hah.

- What the heck happened to the Red Sox?! They got swept. How sad. The Padres got swept too. But that's understandable because they were not so good to begin with, plus they were playing the Cards, who is my pick to win the World Series.

- Lots of baseball writing to do this week. I'm writing a playoff series for the Courier and I have to write a 1,000 season wrapup for the Dodgers for Baseball Bias.

- I've been really lazy and un-motivated this week. Someone please snap me out of it because this can't be going on.

- Lots of birthdays coming my way! Did 2 b-day surprises on 2Ps (now I gotta make a CD and mail both of them out). My buddy Julie's birthday is Tuesday and we're celebrating over the weekend. Ernesto (aka the boy)'s birthday is the 14th. That's all for this week. I don't have to worry about birthdays til the end of the month.

- But I do have to make 2 gift scrapbooks. One for a birthday, another for mom's friend. Also gotta knit a scarf. I've got plenty to keep myself busy with, I guess.

- Finally figured out the name to an Ozomatli song I really liked. The song's called "Believe. Ozomatli is a L.A.-native band with very cool music. Saw them live last year when I went to a playoff rally thing for the Dodgers last year (geez, that seems like such a long time ago). They're a fusion band - you hear Latin influence, hip-hop, rock, some soul, some middle-Eastern influence. Check them out!

- My CosmoGirl (yeah I read the darn thing still... get it free so might as well) horoscope for October says - "Creatively, you're on top and wowing everyone. Keep setting aside artistic time and you'll come up with ideas that will bring you accolades. Developing your craft could even help you come up with new future career plans." Not a huge horoscope junkie, but that caught my eye. If that were true, I'd be getting published everywhere this month. hahaa.


Anonymous said…
You have a great blog here! I have a nascar
site. It covers everything about nascar. Check it out when you can :)

Deanna Kroll said…
I didn't get a chance to congratulate you on POTD Thursday, so here is a late congratulations. Congrats on having a new baby cousin born! How exciting for you!! Good luck on getting into ULCA, I am sure it would be a great honor for you...so I hope it works out for you! Thanks for sharing your blog - I will come visit more often now. :D
Karen Carter said…
Great blog. You certainly have a variety of interests. Congrats again on POTD!!! You really deserved it! : )
Sounds like you've got loads of work ahead of you, have fun! :D
Chris-el-da said…
cathy! great post. and you lost me on the sports talk! and! i got your card the other day! made my flippin' day! thanks girlie!

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