Quickie Post

It's Friday! YAY!

- I hate you, EK!!! After reading your blog and your bits about them Take 5 bars, I bought a pack of fun-sizes. Now I am addicted to them and cannot stop. I must've had like 5 yesterday. They are SOOOOOOOOOOO goood.

- Embarrassing story of the week - So I'm the female voice of the sex column (it hasn't really been about sex the past couple of weeks though) for the paper, right? Well, as of Tuesday we didn't have a topic (the paper goes into production Wednesday). So I called the guy that writes it with me, Mario. Except, I have a friend named Mario and his number is the one that is in my phone book in my cell phone. So this Mario picks up and he has no idea what the hell I'm talking about. I on the other hand think I have the wrong number. Five minutes later I figure out that I called the wrong Mario and this Mario probably thinks I'm a psycho. So after screaming "SHIT" I call this Mario and apologize and say "sorry, I was calling another Mario so I'm not a psycho." hah. Whoops.

- Played Graffiti on Yahoo last night with a bunch of friends. If you don't know, Graffiti is like online pictionary. It was f-ing hilarious. Especially because my friend Nora couldn't draw ANYTHING, they kept giving us odd things to draw and it was just FUNNY. Must do that again, it was entertaining. Although that kept me up last night and I could barely stay awake in class today during a speech about the Brown Act/Public Records Act.

I want some really good sooooooooooup. Yum.


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Missy said…
hooray for friday!
and sleeping in class ain't so bad ;)
nadine said…
you write a sex column? lol. i want to read that!
Emily Kate said…
Aren't those Take 5 bars AMAZING!? :)

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