"Next year"

Regular season baseball is over. Playoffs begin tomorrow. In other words, the Dodgers' dismal season has ended with a pathetic effort.

I hate the last day of the season and the day after. There's a sense of finality.....and this crappy, disappointing feeling that the Dodgers failed to make the playoffs.....AGAIN.

One of the reasons last year was so great, even though I knew there was very little chance that the Dodgers would beat the Cardinals, was the fact that the season would continue, even for just a couple more days. Although the Dodgders did end up getting their asses kicked by the Cards in the first round of the playoffs, the disappointing feeling wasn't there.

But when the Dodgers don't make the playoffs, it's always "next year." Next year they'll do it, next year will be the year L.A. fans have been waiting for, next year we'll finally get that star impact player......But, as my buddy Rafael and I were talking this year, "I'm tired of saying 'next year.'" We say it every year and it never ever happens.

This season it's a bit more disappointing because of the pathetic season the team had. In past years, they came close. This year, they finished 20 games under .500. And, what makes it worse is that things are probably going to get worse before they get better.

When are the McCourts going to show us fans that they really want to win? When is DePodesta going to get a clue? When are the star prospects in the farm system going to finally grow into the types of incredible players this organization has said they are going to be?


p.s. i think blogger hates me. really, i've been having trouble posting. well, maybe it's my computer. i need a new one, dude.


sara said…
ooo -- i feel your pain. mariners fan, here. and with that comes LOTS of disappointment! :)
Vicki said…
Ok, the Royals have beaten their all time record for most losses in a season this year. Of course I'm not a big baseball girl, but I'm just saying. It could be A LOT worse. ROYALS worse.
Emily Kate said…
Why aren't you online right now so I can ask for song recommendations from Plain White Ts?
End of Season is always the worst weither it's baseball, hockey, etc. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but my man is so we keep up with it.

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