It's pouring, it's thundering, it's hailing..

Okay, NOW it feels like fall down here.

I'm not a big fan of rain. Love the smell of rain, but that's about it. I hate it when it really pours, and I hate it when it rains for days at a time. Not a huge fan of really hot weather, either. In my ideal world, it would stay around 75 degrees all year long.

It was raining a little bit here over the weekend. Not much, though. Last night, it started to thunder with lightning. NOT COOL when you're trying to fall asleep....still thundering today and it's coming down pretty hard.

Was shopping at the LSS and all of a sudden it started HAILING. Huge balls of ice, too. The owner and I looked outside and went "Oh my GOD." It was crazy. I wish I had a camera. ha.

Speaking of the LSS, I got me some BG Blitzen paper today! COOL STUFF.

Celebrated my friend Julie's birthday this weekend....We went to Bucca Di Beppo, which was cool. Liked the family-style portions where everyone just shares, because we really didn't spend much and were full....and we had no leftovers! The food was yummy, too. Love Italian food. We were going to go karaoke-ing or to Midnight Magic (their school's pep rally or something, where they announced their basketball players), but we went back to Julie's apartment, and ended up staying there because she started feeling sick. 'Twas fun anyways.

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Oh, and UCLA won again! It was something like 38-28 when I left the house, but when I checked scores later that night, they won in overtime, 44-41.

But the Angels lost. grrr. Oh well.


Anonymous said…
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Looks like you had a great time! Hope the rain lets up for you! I can't wait to get my hands on that paper :D
Emily Kate said…
Looks like fun!! I really do love rain- if I can stay at home and wear my pjs all day! Otherwise it's a pain in the butt! :)
waynette said…
Yeah, I only like rain if I don't have to go outside. I hate how clammy my skin feels after running out in the rain.

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