I really need to get to bed.

- So I've been uploading photos to Yahoo because they give you free prints at Target and I desperately need to print pictures because my friend Amy and I cannot seem to coordinate our schedules to head to Costco (she has a card, I don't). So I still have dial-up, right. And my pictures are sized at the largest size possible at the highest resolution possible. So it takes like 10 minutes to upload 2 pictures. Gawd, I really am a scrapbook aren't I? And a cheapskate? Because really, what I would do for some free prints. lol.

- So I got this brilliant idea to purchase scrapping items I can't find on e-bay. You know what I found? 55 cent Scenic Route paper....but get this. The shipping was THREE BUCKS. For a freaking single sheet of paper. No dubasses I am not going to pay $3.55 for a single sheet of paper. No way, buddy.

- Angels won! Yay for the Yankees being eliminated. Really, I don't care for the Angels either way but the fact that they beat the Yankees? I love them for it. So I'll be a bandwagoner Dodgers-turned-Angels fan. For now.

- Finally found the Christina Cole slab and snatched it with my 50% off coupon. COOLEST PAPER. EVAR.

- I had a second coupon so I was going to get the Rob and Bob slab with it because it's cute. But NOOOOO. The lady who got to the Slab basket before me snatched the last one. I was fuming. I wanted to throw one of the ugly old Slabs at her. GRRRR.

- So I got a BHG Made in Minutes magazine instead. I should've gotten the Inspirations book because I wanted that and they still had it. Anyhow, the MIM mag is really good. So I demand you all go out and purchase it.

- I've sent off something like 11 LOs for publication int h past 3 or 4 days. One of these better get picked up, damnit. Oh well, I've got more coming their way, so. Hey, if my horoscope (see post below) is true then I should be calls from everywhere, right? Yeah, I wish.

- What the heck am I still doing up? Oh yeah, these photos need to load. Well....they can finish up tomorrow. Off to bed I go. Goodnight, all.

That is all. (If you read "The Devil Wears Prada" - I LOVE that freaking line)


Anonymous said…
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Jessica F said…
I told my boyfriend that the Dodgers sucked and the Angels were better (even though I live in San Diego and I'm moving to LA) and when he asked why I said, "the Angels stadium is cuter". haha! Hey- it made sense to me! So jump on the bandwagon! :)
Emily Kate said…
I've been a slacker on submitting my stuff for pub! Dang it!

And you totally should have thrown an ugly old slab at her. Bwahaha!
The Devbil Wears Prada was hilarious ... lol. Whre can I get a Christina Cole Slab???? :D
chris said…
yes - I do agree the CC slab rocks!

you just gotta switch to a cable modem - it is worth the extra $$ - I consider my time valuable and well you can't get the time wasted waiting for pics to upload back

good for you with all the submissions - crossing my fingers for you that you get picked up

have not read the "Devil Wears Prada" but I do love that line
Jill said…
LOL! I'm imagining you in Michael's throwing a slab at some middle-aged scrapbooker! Glad you did get *some* goodies tho :)
Chiara said…
LOL I am a NYer and happy the Yankees lost. Shipping on ebay tends to be outragous.
Chris-el-da said…
see, i never check shipping. so on my damn fiber lot that i won for $5 i had to pay like a gagillion $$ for shipping. totally didn't add up to me either as i was hitting "pay now" in paypal. ugh. and! cathy you are such a freak. you have this teeny tiny mouse voice and a petite little bod to boot... you would NEVER throw anything at anyone. but go on fantasizing... lub ya and i'm calling you this weekend so keep your phone on!
waynette said…
I've been checked at M's like every other day for the Christina Cole and Rob and Bob slabs and they still don't have it. :(

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