hm. It's *technically* Monday. BOO

This weekend, I scrapped. And scrapped. And scrapped some more. Submitted a bunch. Did a bunch for my friend Amy's b-day gift album (I'm exactly halfway done! yipee!)

This week is birthday week. You know, the middle of the month was birthday week (Julie and the boy), this is birthday week again (Amy, Cristin, Mom, Judy). Gotta finish this album for Amy. Gotta finish knitting scarf for Cristin (dude, I'm going to be a crafty bee all week, aren't I?) Gotta send Judy a card. I know what to get Mother, I just need to go purchase it!

I dunno how celebrating is going to work out. I've got a journalism conference this weekend. I took Friday off, specifically because I thought we were going to Knott's to celebrate Amy/Cristin's birthdays. Apparently, we're not. Apparently, we're probably celebrating Saturday. I signed up for the conference on Saturday! Maybe Thursday though. Maybe. But doode! JACC is horribly bad timing this year. It was perfectly good timing LAST year.

Myspace is also hosting a concert/anniversary bash at Dodger Stadium on Saturday. I so want to go. I also know who also would so want to go (*hint* a boy) but TOO BAD I won't be around. PSHAW.

Oh, my mission this week - to find a new coffee mug. I broke mine in the sink last week. This cool, cute, clear mug with fishies on it that I got in Japan. Poor mug. There were these mugs I wanted from Target around back-to-school time, but they're gone now. I should've picked one up then.

Did I mention that Grey's Anatomy is fabulous? Really, it keeps getting better every week. Yep.

Oh, and EK I still wanna kill you because I'm still addicted to them Take 5 bars. hahah.


Brynne said…
Sounds like you are going to have a busy week. What's a Take 5 bar?
waynette said…
Hope you have a good (busy) week.

I'm totally into Grey's Anatomy lately, too.
Emily Kate said…
Sorry about that! Maybe I'll grab a Take 5 bar on campus before class...hmm... I'm gonna be so fat when Jacob gets out here for school! Ha!
Happy scrapping!!! I need to find some time to check out all of your new layouts. :D

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