Anyone know anything about volleyball?!

Because it turns out I have to compete in the JACC Sports competition tomorrow.

And knowing it's taking place at Cal-State Fullerton and it's usually one of their sporting events we're going to have to write, about it's probably going to be some sport like volleyball. Or soccer. Or water polo. Or some other weird sport that I know nothing about (my sports knowledge is pretty much limited to: baseball, basketball and football).

I remember last year when the old sports editor found out that the event would be volleyball. She said something along the lines of "Shit, I know nothing about f-ing volleyball."

So it turns out I am registered for Friday too and that I'll have to go now since the sports competition is tomorrow night.

Would've loved to write in the opinion competition, but that's Saturday morning at 7:30. Which would've meant i had to leave HERE around 6:30. UM, NO THANK YOU. I am so NOT a morning person. I'm not even awake at 6:30 most of the time! What kind of mofo expects you to be alert and able to compete at 7:30 a.m.?! Geez.

I guess part of the reason is that a lot of the schools are staying the night in Fullerton. We are not since our school deems Fullerton too close to pay for us to stay over there. HMPH.

I found out I have to leave at 7 but that's better than 6:30. Besides, I don't have to really function until later....


It's cloudy and it's depressing me. It's been cloudy all week! I miss the sun!!

Actually, I think it was sunny yesterday but I was holed up in the newspaper day all day. Yep, I never really know what's happening in the outside world on Wednesday because I'm indoors, working on the paper all day.

I made French Onion soup the other day. YUMMMMM.

Congrats to the White Sox, I guess. I didn't really care who won this World Series, because I don't really care for either team either way. *shurg*

And now I'll be turning my attention to basketball season......well, and keeping up with UCLA football.

I was asked to be EIC of the this year's magazine next semester...I said I'll think about it but I'll probably end up turning it down. Why? one - That would be the third time takjing the class. Last year, my second time around, I ended up being bored to tears. Third time? um, yeah. Two - I need to transfer after this semester. I've got a couple more classes to go, classes that aren't my thing and I've procrastinated on but need to be done...I'd already been thinking of dropping the paper for next semester. So. And three - I don't really think I've got what it takes to lead a WHOLE staff. I can handle my page. But a whole staff? Um...yeah.

But....I was looking through the list of classes I've got to take and I don't have as many as I thought. Go me.

Speaking of transferring - can you belive it'll be November next week?! That means I've got only a month til most of my applications are due! EEk.

I'm applying to a bunch of places, but I'm probably going to end up at UCLA or UCSD.........


Sherri said…
Sorry I know NOTHING about volleyball either. LOL It's been YEARS since I played vb. Probably since HS! Sounds like you are a busy gal yet enjoying life. :-)
waynette said…
Good luck with all the applications!
Wish I could help you with the volleyball, but I don't do sports. Just dance and gymnastics. Good luck with your applications :D
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