Today is Wedneday

Wednesdays are always hectic. I've always had a love-hate relationship with Courier production days. I hate the stress, the chaos, the sometimes frustrating aspects of throwing together my page. In a way though, I love it. I love the chaos, the rushing, and the fact that someone always ends up cracking me up all throughout the day.

So, today was one of those crazy ones. I cut a 1200-word story by 500 words, Found out this morning that I had to place 3 ads on my page, so I struggled to make everything fit. I hit a blank when trying to write about sex toys (I somehow ended up as the female half of the sex column).

Now, my page is completed and waiting to be copy-edited. I have a moment to breathe. Phew.

I've already got a bio test tomorrow, unfortunately. I actually have to read because the prof never really talks about any of the material during class.

Went scrap shopping the last couple of days. My stash has grown, and my lettering items replenished. Love it when I found a bargain. I went to Target yesterday, prepared to pick up some of them cool Heidi Swapp stuff (I ended up getting the plastic letters) and found a couple of clearance items, marked down to about a buck-fifty. Lil Davis chipboard letters and bottle caps, and MM fabric letters. Cool stuff. Also picked up some Marcella by K paper (like I need more, but I also want the paper/die-cut pack because I like the colors) and 2 packs of letter stickers. Monday, I went to the LSS because I had three hours to kill (teacher didn't show up for lab and so we left after 20 minutes), and discovered they finally got the hint and started carrying Chatterbox (if they carry more KI I will be ecstatic). Also picked up a sheet of Rob&Bob paper (I could have bought more PP but decided against it), letter stickers and some Bazzill.

So I've played the last two days. Just haven't had time to be home when the sun was actually out so I can get them on the computer. I need a working scanner!


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