Singin' and Poopy Diapers

I really like to sing. The problem is, of course, that I sound horirble doing it. I may have perfect pitch, and even though I'll be able to match pitches, I have a horrible vocal quality. Nonethelss, I sing in the shower and sometimes in my room. My parents actually caught me singing very loudly in my room and started making fun of me, which was quite embarrassing.

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(this picture would be better if I didn't put it on a night flash mode, but we werei n a dark place, so it was appropriate...if only my friend didn't shake the camera so much)

Anyways, I went karaoke-ing yesterday. Felt very inadequate surrounded by two friends that sang choir in high school, and these other customers. I guess we could've gone to a place with private rooms, but this place is cheap (buy a food and drink item off their menu for free karaoke, which comes out to about 6 bucks). Anyways, we had a lot of fun, although I probably butchered all the songs I sang quite badly. Oh well, I could always pretend to be a superstar, right? haha.

Today was my cousin's baby shower. Lots of yummy food, but the most amusing thing was this game which we just called "poopy diapers."

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No, they're not actual poopy diapers, but rather chocolate. There were 6 diapers with various melted candy bars in them....we had to sniff/look at them and guess what they were. That's my aunt sniffing one. Just HAD to have a picture of this, and it was th eonly picture I took during the whole event...Sort of gross, but it was funny.


Sarah said…
eh, that diaper pic is creepy. Guess I've seen way too many of the real thing. LOL! What a funny game. :)

~~Sarah (from 2Peas)
Jill said…
hey no u, i love to sing, but am not so good :) and that game....ugh. perhaps if i looked at this picture more often i would not crave chocolate!! :P
Amber said…
haha poop and singing...i love it!!
Sarah said…
Take a lesson from Big Bird: "Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear....just SING, SING A SONG!la la la la la, la la la la la la...." ahem! Sorry, got a little carried away!
Poopy diapers is hilarious!!!!
And oogy. (shiver)

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