San Diego

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This is a spot in downtown La Jolla. There's a walkway and you can walk down to the shore. There were baby seals and stuff down there. I wanna get married here. It's so freaking beautiful. The water was crystal clear, and just so BLUE. Sitting on a bench overlooking this view and eating Super Pops? Lovely.

I freaking love San Diego. The weather is freaking perfect. UCLA can reject me now and I won't be tooooo sad because I can move my ass down to UCSD and enjoy this effin' perfectness.

More later...


maggie holmes said…
wow - that is beautiful - how lucky you are!! i am so jealous!!
Jessica F said…
Aww I'm so happy you enjoyed SD. La Jolla is about 7 minutes directly south from my house! :) Thats a super gorgeous spot. What else did you do while you were down here?!!? I think from San Diego up to Santa Barbara one really can't go wrong! Us CA girls are so lucky!
Emily Kate said…
Beautiful! Sigh I need to get my butt to Cali sometime soon!
Miss Carrie said…
I love your attitude on life!
Lara said… aunt used to live just a couple blocks away from that very beach. My cousin actually did get married on that beach. you should was a beautiful wedding. I love La Jolla, too. :)
chris said…
san diego is one of my favorite places - love the beaches there

that spot you have pictured is so beautiful!

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