A perfectly random post

- I really don't need to show up to bio class. Just the labs.
- Textbook publishers are a bunch of money-hungry asstards. (in other words - it's the beginning of the semester and I hate having to buy books)
- I'm quite behind on my scrapping.
- I also still need to print pictures. When to get to Costco, now that is the question.
- I don't do quite well with buffets.
- I really do miss figure skating.
- Speaking of figure skating, the season is coming up soon!
- Love the L.A. County Fair. I'll probably make a second trip with the friends soon.
- Crash is an AWESOME movie. Everyone should see it! It'll make you think..
- Might go to San Diego in a couple of weeks!
- I really do have too much makeup. I mean, if I'm finding products that I've forgotten about, that is quite bad (but I really haven't bought new stuff lately so that's good).
- Dodger games are awesome. Especially with a walkoff victory and especially against the Giants!
- 20 games to go.
- Two weeks left (I think?) til Grey's Anatomy starts! whoop.
- Everything else I can't remember.
- I found the coolest sash belts at the Dollar Spot at Tar-ZHAY the other day. They totally rule.
- Drama sucks.
- Switchfoot rocks.
- Rediscovering music rocks.


Chris-el-da said…
why did you post this twice???
nadine said…
i really like switchfoot too!

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