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(top one is from a parade sophomore year....the bottom before homecoming junior year)

Working on a story about the PCC band's recent trip to China. So, I had to go to their practice this morning to do some interviews. They were working on their field show....and I found out that PCC does indeed have a Colorguard. As I watched them practice, I thought to myself, "I kind of miss this."

You see, I was a flaggot (I was affectionately named this by my band geek friends) during high school for three years. Although I was kind of tiring of it senior year, I loved it. Loved performing, loved the Friday nigh football games, loved my pep uniform (this was for the last two years), loved parades, loved my guard "sisters." Hated the drama, but in a way, the drama made those three years memorable, too.

Would I join the PCC guard? Probably not. Do I want to play with my flag? Hell yeah.

Okay, so I guess there's no other point to this post except to say that I'm feeling a bit nostalgic....


amber lee said…
I can feel you, I was on dance team for three years in high school. I have to say I found you on 2 peas and had to add you to my book of scraps. I love your work! It's so fun. Keep creating. :)
jon said…
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