The Boy. Again.

Boys confuse me. I can't figure them out. Especially this one. No, I'm not over him yet. A part of me is also going "dude. this is the guy that made you CRY."

It's been just about three months since I got my heart broken by "the boy." For those of you that forgot or just didn't know, we met in newspaper last year. I didn't like him then, but we got to know each other last semester because we had class near each other and always talked. I'd always thought he was cute, but never really fell for him until then. He was one of the nicest guys I had EVER met and he was someone I could talk sports with and I loved that. We were supposed to go out and it didn't happen because he somehow found himself a girlfriend in the week before we were supposed to go out. I don't think he ever knew I was interested (my intention was to not make it obvious and it bit me in the ass. badly).

Between now and then, I haven't really seen or talked to him. I ran into him yesterday, though. I was at the mall with my pals was waiting at Abercrombie while one of the tried on a shirt. I saw this guy waving at me and, since I was only half-paying attention, I sort of was like "who the hell is waving at me?!" and then was like "oh." So I got up and we hugged and we talked. He'll be moving into the UCLA area this weekend, so he told me to call him up when I was in the area (I hardly ever go over there though). We talked about other things, but by then my friend was done trying on and then was in line, buying the shirt. So we split, but he was at the entrance of the store when we walked out. Which, my (guy) friend saw as a sign of flirting or something.

The consensus among these two friends seems to be like "he totally likes you." Yeah, well so did I. And so did another couple of people from newspaper. They were like "so THAT'S him?!" because they thought it was some new guy that liked me. They pointed out the way he was looking at me and the waywe were interacting. They were like "well I think he likes you now," but that's the way we've ALWAYS interacted. I also told them how he broke the news that one time, how he could barely get his words past the "um"s and they though something probably was up then.

So. I came to think that it's one of three things: he liked/s me, he's just way too nice, or he's just screwing with my mind majorly.

I don't know which it is. I guess I'll find out in time....I still do like him but I'm not actively pursuing him. The only thing I know is that I definitely want to be friends.

The rest of it, I guess I'll see.


Vicki said…
Boys stink. Some are way too hard to get over. And I think most have no idea themselves. I know the bf always says that he has no idea when someone is flirting with him, or when he seems like he's flirting. Good luck!
Chris-el-da said…
ugh. cathy i like the boy for you.. but i don't like his chick for you. is he still an item? i just don't want to see anyone get hurt here - namely YOU. you were so upset last time...


heart ya chick!
Emily Kate said…
I hate boys. The end.

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