I am a 2Ps addict, but once in awhile I go over to ScrapJazz (usually when 2Ps is down or being an ass) and post some LOs. Did that last night, posted a couple of LOs, including the LO I did for effer dare #3.

That LO got selected for their LO of the day. WHOA. I am speechless. Wow.

I would not have known this if SJ didn't e-mail their praise coments to me. This girl was like "Congrats on LO of the day" and I was like 'HUH?!" haha.

Ended up doing a lot more today than I anticipated. First went to lunch at Chipotle with a few friends, then we walked around a mall, then we went to Louis (my ex from 5 years ago if anyone finds that interesting)'s house...played DDR. That's always fun and a nice workout. Came home, had dinner (mom made tacos! Today must be my Mexican food day) and went bowling. I suck, it's not my thing. I think my score was like 86 for my first game and like 48 or something for the second. So sad. Then we went to my friend Amy's, we played Cranium, my team won (love that game!) and now I am home.


Caroline said…
first off, LOVE YOUR name (wink)- loved your effer dare page too! take care!

Emily Kate said…
Congrats on the LO. How exciting! :)

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