Vacation Over

Wow. The damage from Hurricane Katrina is absolutely horrible. Eighty percent of the area is under water. I was on the Pub at 2Ps and there was this thread about one of the Pubsters in Biloxi....someone contacted her mother and found out that her family lost everything and are now stranded in their car. Wow. That is just one story. There are so many others. I can only imaagine. It's terrible what mother nature can do. I don't know what else to say. My heart goes out to those people who were affected.

In other news -

Started school yesterday. Tried to add a class today, but no luck. I may end up taking a math class at another community college around here, they start next week....we'll see how it goes. So far, I've had my bio lab and class. My teacher is sort of weird. Not a big fan of science/math classes.

First day of newspaper class tomorrow...whoever came up with the production schedule for this semester is crazy. First day of school was yesterday, first day of class tomorrow, and then the first issue of the paper comes out Thursday! Whoa. My page is going to just be a huge "voices" thing - you know, those things where we go around campus and ask people to answer a question.

Spotlight magazines came out...the printing was kind of crappy. The cover image looks faded, and therefore tacky. Oh well. You can see here --

the cover -
Image hosted by

my article -
Image hosted by
Yeah, it figures that I'd write something baseball/Dodgers-related, right?

I need a working scanner. Sorry about the quality of the image, I know it's not great.

While distributing the magazines yesterday, I was playing with Steve (our asst. photo editor)'s cool SLR camera. I took a cool picture of one of the school buildings, I'll see if he'll ever send it to me...Those things are SO cool but a. they're expensive, b. they're big and heavy (this is why I love my tiny SD 400), and c. they're hard to figure out. Still, I lust over one.


Vicki said…
I didn't know you did newspaper! I always wanted to, but writing definitely isn't my thing. Good luck with that bio :)
Chris-el-da said…
damn girl... multi talented! great article and pfffft i have one of those big bulky overpriced digital SLRs so quit yer hatin'.

about Katrina - i was in tears most of yesterday morning. and i fume when someone says "why didn't those people LEAVE?" within a ten foot radius of me. it's like, "IT TAKES MONEY TO ESCAPE KATRINA and well, who has money to do that?" furthermore, these people are lost - completely - they have no job to go back to to make money to replace the things they had.

god bless... i can't even think about this anymore without my throat going sore.

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