Two weeks left

California seriously has had weird weather lately. The mornings are cold. Okay, cold here is like 65 degrees. But it's summer! I do like lounging in my comfy sweats though. There were thunderstorms and lightning last night around 2:30. Whoa.

I had a nice weekend. Got to hang out with some dear friends. That is always fun!

Did my Effer Dare. Did this John Mayer one and ended up using one of his songs! I still wanna do one based on the Blink CD though so we'll see if I'll come up with another one....

Image hosted by

I honestly think these dares are bringing out some of my greatest work. Seriously, these things get your creative juices going like whoa.


I'm loving this!!! Love the layering of the pp and the cut up pic. Great job girl!!!
marie cox said…
love the page!
Missy said…
fabulous darling. just fabulous.
Amber said…
like whoa is right have been doing some amazing work chicksta.....keep it up!!
c*ute page! wow!!!

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