Time flies

One of my magazines today came with a "give a gift for the hilaidays!" card. I was like "WTF, it's only August." Thinking about it, though, this year is just flying by. Sheesh. It's already the 4th of August and I'm sitting here going, "where has time gone?" And I'm feeling pissy at myself because I feel like I've done nothing significant to better myself and blah blah blah. Oh well, I've sitll got 4 months left, right?

I'm also not looking forward to time flying because in 25 days I'll be starting school again and I still have to add 2 more classes or something like that. I'm not really looking forward to this semester. I have to take my science and math classes now which I HATE and no more fun classes (like women's history!). There are a bunch of classes I want to take still (i.e. Men&Masculinity/Hugo classes, an ethnic studies class, photography.......I could really go on and on with this) but if I did I'll end up being at PCC for like 5 years and I just want to get out and transfer my ass out. I can always take them over the summer or something even after I transfer, anyways.

I really shouldn't be in newspaper this semester either, because then my schedule would be easier to build. But I can't quit right now because I already told them I'll come back and be opinion editor again and so too late. Oh well. Well, I need the stuff for my portfolio anyways. I hope I can sort of go out and write some kickass stuff this semester instead of the same-'ol.

Speaking of transferring, I'll have to start filling out them applications in November. Not looking forward to it. This is the crappy part about going to community college. Sure, I've felt it was easier to start over here and gotten kickass grades because of it, but I have to do them applications for the second time now. Yuck.

Hmm...just went to go check my grades for summer, and although it's not giving it to me because it's being an ass, I did make the dean's list.....but why the hell isn't it giving me my anthro grade?!?!

Today is Thursday. Which means I should start writing about the Dodgers NOW instead of scrambling to do it tonight, right? I pretty much know what I'm going to write about, anyways, since the trade deadline passed over the weekend and the Dodgers GM refused to do anything to improve the team. PSH.

I have lost my scrapping mojo. Someone go help me find it. I've sat down at my desk feeling like creating something and haven't been able to. Or you can hand me a new one ;)


Emily Kate said…
I know how that is- having classes you WANT to take but just not being able to justify putting them in your schedule! I'm really in my last semester of classes (the rest will be student teaching, etc.) and there's TONS of stuff I wish I would have squished in before now!
Chris-el-da said…
kathy! oh i'm soooo with you on the time. it just flew on by! and here it is - the end of summer and yep, not ready to get things going again - but then again i am... it's all so strange. and wow! four months left! omg! last month i was in HL and they have all their christmas stuff up. WHY?! it's not even halloween yet!

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