Six Flags

My body still feels like it's going freefall head-first, my feet are sore, my shoulders and neck and upper body hurt from either whiplashing or the safety bars (or both), my throat is sore from screaming, and I am exhausted, but Six Flags was awesome.

And I finally went on Deja Vu (a boomerang coaster with some freefall action). One thing to cross off my "things to do in my lifetime" list (I made a LO about this and I put this as one of the things to do). That's the ride from where this freefall feeling is coming from but it was just one kickass ride.

Extreme thrills and fun with friends. What more can I ask for?

And with that I am off to bed. Pictures tomorrow.

Oh, and do y'all like my new banner?


Chris-el-da said…
cathy i'm totally diggin' the banner and i need one dammit! what's a girl gotta do to get a flippin' banner around here?!
I like the new banner, is fabulous! Gorgeous colours :)
Anonymous said…
Love the new banner, it's awesome!

marie cox said…
looks like you had fun

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