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one >> That cardboard man shows up in the Six Flags commercials. We were walking somewhere and saw the guy standing in front of the fountain so we took a picture with him. He's sort of scary though. lol.

two >> I thought this picture was really cute. Who's trying to kiss me? Um, well, meet my buddy Tri. He's in the army and stationed in Kosovo, but he's on break right now. He's funny. Love having him back.

three >> Hah, we're being tourist-y. You know, the Asian kind. If you've seen them around, you know what I mean. It's pretty funny. This picture is pretty funny.

four>> Waiting for Batman. It's kind of dark and blurry, but I think it looks cool because of the lights. Batman itself is a fun ride...a hanging coaster. Whoo!

five >> This is, like, the only picture that was taken of me throughout the day that I don't look like a dweeb in.

six >> They were getting onto Goliath, my turn was in the next car. Goliath is awesome. It has a humongous 255-foot drop in the beginning and ends with a upward spiral. So cool. It has a cool sign at the entrance too. I thought I included a picture of it above, but I guess I didn't so here it is >>
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The picture on the right is of my friends Amy and Theo. The found the giant A and T amusing.

seven >> Bumper cars are sooo fun. We had tons of laughs on them. I was trying to take pictures and drive at the same time. None of my shots were very good but it was funny. I did finally put my camera in my bag, though, and then Theo hit me from the front. My camera fell out of my bag. Couldn't get to it because of the safety belt. Was so scared it would break because it was, like, rolling around on the floor. But thankfully, it was okay. Phew.

eight >> Funnel Cake is yummy! Picked some up on the way out and spent some time eating it. Mmmm.

nine >> This is Deja Vu. I talked about it a little bit in my last entry. Once again, awesome ride. Scary when you look at it though. Not a great picture. Couldn't get the lighting right.

ten >> I got one sunset shot. This was it. Pretty, isn't it?

Those are the ones I liked from my camera. I am waiting for pictures from about 5 of my friends. One of my friends has awesome pictures that he started taking on rides. Crazy guy. But they're cool.

I hate standing in line at amusement parks, but at the same time I love it. Why? Because that's when all the cameras come out and that's when you get the most pictures.

And you have some laughs with friends. My friends are silly. Love them for that.

My neck still hurts. I can barely move it forward.


Miki said…
What a great time with friends! That large A & T photo is too funny!!
Anna said…
I love the cardboard man! I used to think those commercials were the best. Now we are back in Alaska where the biggest rides we get are at the state fair. And that isn't saying much. ;)
Vicki said…
What fun pics! That old guy from the commercials cracks me up.
karen marie said…
looks like such a good that big A & T pic
I have never been and it looks like so much fun!!!!! I love the Goliath pics and the coasters and of course the group shots are tons of fun :)
Emily Kate said…
What fun pics! And love the new banner!!
lianne said…
Great blog Caroline, and great photos. I'll be back.
chris said…
great photos - especially love the perspectives on the roller coaster shots - enough to make me a bit queasy!
Liz said…
oh what fun caroline!!
HelenThura said…
looks like you had a blast!!!
love picture number 10 :)
kaylaaimee said…
That's exactly what I thought when I saw picture number three. Only I never knew that until I lived in Vancouver. Six Flags is so fun, glad you had a good time!
Chris-el-da said…
you know that old man is actually a young girl, right? anyway... sorry i had to spoil it for you. i just thought that would make "him" less creepy.

looks like you had a blast cathy! i want to go back to six flags soooo bad. i used to live seven minutes away from one! sigh. them were the days
Emily Kate said…
Tag! You're it! Go read my blog!

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