For some reason I am tired and thirsty. My head also hurts for some odd reason. Weird. I also have an annoying canker sore inside my mouth that is killing me. Yuck. They're evil. I hate those things with a passion. Hopefully, it'll disappear in the next couple of days.

Today, I went to lunch with a couple of friends. Japanese food. Chicken teriyaki and tempura. Yeah, I'm Japanese but I can't remember the last time my mother made tempura and we hardly have chicken teriyaki at home because my dad doesn't eat chicken. haha. So I think everytime I go out to a Japanese restaurant, I send up getting something with tempura or chicken teriyaki in it. lol. I want some really good sushi though....even though I had some a couple of weeks ago.

Haven't been online much in the last couple of days. Which is a change because I'm ALWAYS online. hahaha. Haven't really been home either.

Yesterday, we had a family picnic. Well it wasn't a family picnic. They have these clubs (I guess you call them clubs) of immigrants from various Japanese prefectures that live in the L.A. area. Each year, they have picnics. I guess I call them family picnics because our family goes. We bring our own food (although they grill burgers and hot dogs and provide sodas and stuff), they usually have games and door prizes too, and a mochi toss at the end. Our family kind of forgot about the games and by the time we realized they were doing it, they were like over. haha. Mochi toss is fun. They have this stage, which they use for boring entertainment the rest of the day. They put the VIPs up on stage with these cases of mochi and they throw it out to the crowd, who then catch them. Well, mostly they fall on the ground. It's hilarious because this is when old people get vicious and start hitting, scratching, kicking you....hahah. My cousin's pregnant wife handed me an umbrella that you put on food to keep the bugs off, and ran off so I caught a bunch using that. But everyone was laughing at me. 'Twas fun. I actually brought the camera to this family gathering, but I was too lazy to take pictures. Yep, I suck.

My aunt gave me free Dodger tickets but I'm having trouble finding people to go with me. PSHAW. hahah. Then again I've only asked like two people and they have to work, so. I think I should pick up the phone and dial.

My scrapping mojo has gone and run away. I don't think my pictures are inspiring me much either. I should go print more out, but I'm waiting for my friend to give me a bunch off her camera from when my mom took my camera to Japan. Lots of cool beach pictures, birthday pics and other cool stuff in that batch. Half the time, I was taking pictures on her camera anyways. I thought it was the coolest camera ever, until I got the same thing but a higher model. hah. I must get it back NOW, because I have to come up with something super-cool for this week's effer dare!!!! I have sort of an idea what to do though...just sort of. I've also lagged in a couple of challenges I'm in and have a CJ due on Wednesday. I still haven't even picked my theme!! AHHH

Oh, and I finally got my hands on a copy of Harry Potter. All-night reading sessions, here I come! Maybe not tonight, though. lol. J.K. Rawlings has the amazing ability to lure you into her imagination and keep you there. That woman is brilliant. I wish I had her imagination, then I would be writing fiction. Unfortunately, I can't write fiction to save my life because of the fact that I have no imagination for it!

This is my Baseball Bias article of the week. Basically, a rant because I'm pissed that they didn't make any moves at the trading deadline and the G.M. is saying they still can win. Uhh, I think not!


Enjoy HP!!!! Tickets to see the Dodgers sounds wonderful.
Ashley said…
I would go to a baseball game with you, even though I don't really enjoy pro ball :P

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