Random Friday post

I guess Fridays are my random post days?

- I have a rant about Bostom Red Sox fans. I like the BoSox perfectly fine, but I went to the Angels-Red Sox game last night and became so annoyed. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it in the past, but in the field level seats of that stadium, if someone gets up, you can't see a thing. It's annoying. Now the section next to us was filled with BoSox fans, who got up and stayed up and would not listen to ANYBODY not even the ushers. Seriously. It took me everything to restrain myself from yelling out "I came here to watch the F-ing game and now your f-ing big head and certainly not your f-ing fat ass." Ugh. And I thought Yankees fans were bad. Oh well, the Angels scored 10 runs and I've still got a couple of hours to go and get free Hooters wings if I want to...

- My recent LOs have gotten little/no love. I am sad. Okay, so scrapping shouldn't be about that but I'm still sad. Maybe I am in a funk, I don't know.

- I'm sure this week's effer dare will get me out of that. Shel Silverstien (okay did I even spell that correctly?)....wow it has been ages since I thought of him. I don't think I have his books in the house anymore.

- I cleared all of my pictures off the computer and put them on CDs. I haven't done this for awhile, and got a better camera in the process, so it took me 4 CDs for all of them. Sheesh! I take a ton of pictures.

- Bowling so isn't my thing. It's fun sucking at it though. haha. I went on Wednesday. My scores are unmentionably bad. hah.

- Will the NL West please make up their minds? That division is pathetic, but the Dodgers are still buried at 3rd place. But still, there is a chance...

- I found a cool mag. I had a free sub to Tracks, a music mag, which folded and the subscription was replaced by another mag called Paste. Cool stuff man. Loved the cover, flipped through it and looks cool! And it comes with a 23-track sampler CD and DVD. COOL! I've yet to read it but so far, looking good! Check it out >> Paste magazine.

- I wanna banner. I could probably make my own if I figure out the dimensions, but how do I get it up there? Anyone?


Emily Kate said…
I hear ya on LOs that don't get praise- it totally depresses me. Pathetic huh? Loving the effer dares too but have had no time. Don't even get me started on bowling (did I tell you about the blind date incident!?)
Megan said…
I work on typepad so I do not know if the dimentions are different...but in Photoshop I open a new file and make it 10 inches x 2.5 inches and make the resolution no higher then 1000 pixles. Then i usually have to do it a couple of times to get it right. Hope that helps!

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