Monkey Business

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Don't laugh! I know I have some monkey action going on here. But I can't draw prettily to save my life! I wish I could draw cool pictures, but I can't! I guess that's why I love scrapping though - you don't have to draw picture - you just snap them with a picture!

This is for this week's effer dare - be inspired by Shel Silverstein. Wow, it really dared me. I wanted to use a poem like almost everyone else, but my old Shel books are no longer with me and my craptacular computer refused to load his site! grrr. So I drew and did a page about how I couldn't draw! Used all B&W papers because that reminded me of Shel.

Also -- picked up the new HOF book yesterday. Only flipped through it so far, but so far, so good...

On a totally unrelated note, I realized that I own a lot of green jewelry...


Emily Kate said…
These effer dares are so fun! Wish I had more time to scrap!!

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