I scrapped yesterday!

I am going to have to change my little sidebar of reading pleasures over there >> because I just realized that half the links are wrong/don't work because I put .com twice. Whoops, I'm such an idiot.

Anyways, I scrapped yesterday! Whoo hoo!

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This one was for this week's garden challenge - scrap a LO in 8 minutes. WHOA. I usually spend an average of an hour doing a LO so this was a challenge. I do have this bucket on my desk where I throw in small paper scraps, ribbon scraps, etc. so I just grabbed my materials out of there. I think I spend most of my time measuring and cutting (I'm too cheap to buy a damn paper cutter!). Anyhow, I went a couple of seconds over 8 minutes because I was finishing the journaling. I think I spent too much time looking for the "G" stamp. hah. But, not bad for 8 minutes right?

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This next one was inspired by a Neutrogena ad. I was going through and flipping through my giant, neverending stack of magazines and came accross an old Allure. I'm sure this ad was in other magazines, it's the one for the Healthy Skin Enhancer. It had curvy lines of foundation intersecting each other. Found that so cool. It ended up looking nothing like the ad, but I still think it's cool!

A week and a half to go til school starts. BAH! I have plenty of fun planned til then though. Bowling today (?), Angel game tomorrow (yay for neighbors with ticket packages), Dodger game on the 24th (I think), Six Flags on Monday, Irvine on Thursday....


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