I miss the days...

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*Sigh* The above picture was taken at the beach almost exactly two years ago. Don't we look happy? It was during the summer between high school and college, and our big get-together before everyone went their ways.

I miss those days. The days when everyone got along and life seemed a lot simpler.

I was at my friend Julie's hosue on Saturday, along with my friends Christian, Jenny and Nora. Julie took some short videos and a bunch of pictures on her digicam at that outing, and made sort of a slide show/video on her computer shortly after it. We were at her house, she was playing with her laptop and hooked it up to the TV and we watched the video. Made me feel all fuzzy inside but also a little sad.

When you grow up and everyone goes their separate ways, I guess it's only natural that people do start growing apart. Nothing can stay the same forever. I still hang out with pretty much the same group when they come home, I go visit them once in awhile....I've made friends in college and have other high school friends I go to school with but somehow I go back to these buddies. I've written about them here before. Something about them is just different, something just clicks. It's hard to explain, but we're a unique bunch.

Anyways. Back to everyone getting along. Two in that picture were a couple - Tony and Nora. Their relationship had a bad, complicated ending and they no longer speak to each other. Nora still hangs out with us. I dunno but we were much closer to Nora and she just ended up being a part of the group still. Tony sort of just ended up getting shunned. Not on purpose, but he's not there on our group get-togethers. I still hang out with him sometimes, but alone. It's different.

Next. This is what makes me sad. There's Howard. Howard and I were cool. Howard was gay, but we pretended to be all lovey-dovey (an act, it was amusing). We were close enough. Anyways, Howard took off to the Navy about 6 months after graduation. he stayed there for about a year, and then he started having problems. Around March, I received a suicide note from him. It was fucked up, I was freaked out, as was other friends, and it was just a horrible situation. He ended up not going through with it. Around May he was discharged (underage drinking, but he suspects its because they found out he was gay).

After he came back, it was starting to become impossible. Drama ensued everytime we did something and he was around (example: my birthday and he took something the wrong way and getting pissed at some people). People started to find him kind of annoying. He became a drama king, getting drunk all the time, being arrogant, a know-it-all etc. Just bad shit you don't want to be around. Anyways. Me, Julie and Jenny still tried to be his friend. Not working. He posted entries in his LJ about how he couldn't relate to his friends anymore. In our heads, we were thinking "well, no wonder, you kind of did it to yourself."

A couple of weeks ago, Julie wanted to play Trivial Pursuit at her house (she just bought it) with us. I invited Howard. Somehow he felt like Julie had something against him. We were like WTF. Tension was starting here.

And a couple of days ago, he posted a LJ entry. It said something about how his high school friends (us) were now living in the shadows of his life, and how they were just throwing something away. But he wasn't worried because they would realize they missed him and come running back to him and because he was so "charming and outgoing" he could go ahead and make new friends. That was the last straw. The fact that he could be so fucking arrogant just put us over the edge. The fact that he had the NERVE to say that just really pissed us off. We're done with him.

How did someone so cool turn into this psychotic arrogant bastard? It's sad how a great friendship like that turned into this. Just sad.
So yeah. I miss the days when everyone got along. Things were so much simpler and happier in those days....


Ashley said…
Ugh Rough life. Situations like that are so tricky. Hopefully this guy gets a reality check.

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