Hot hot heat

Ended up not going to the beach last night. But we went to go get some of this heavenly goodness --

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YUM! Shaved ice with condensed milk, strawberries, bananas, mangoes and ice cream! That thing was so huge though, I was like "OMG" when i first saw it. But yummy of course. And it cooled us down.

Yep, it's mofoing hot here in So-Cal again. Sticky too. Yuck.

Did the effer dare last night -
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The dare this week was effin' awesome! This was sort of a reminder to myself that I don't need to be obsessing over myself all the effin' time. I'm thinking maybe I should hang this on the wall just so I call look at it when I feel I look like crap. We'll see.

I'm kind of bored with my scrapping lately. Trying to do something new....I feel like I'm in some sort of rut. hmmmm....

It also may be that I need to print out some new pictures. Can't wait to scrap the ones from the recnt outings!


Vicki said…
That's a lotta sweet! I love your lo too. What a great dare topic :)
Nisa said…
yes girl...get new pictures printed up...that always helps me out of any scrappy slump!
um, also- how insanely huge is that dessert-y thing? yikes! looks delicious!
Bay in TN said…
ROFL -- that shaved ice and fruit thing looks AWESOME!!!! I'm drooling just looking at it. What a great way to cool down!

As for the scrappin' block, take new pics, or try to scrap a page without pics. It's a whole new world if you do it without photos that *you* took. (You can use postcards or pics from mags or that sort of thing if you like, but the challenge is to do it without a photograph!)

Keep bloggin', baby -- I love your effin' site! :D
Alison said…
That LO rocks!
Emily Kate said…
I LOVE your handwriting!
Chris-el-da said…
i've been a slump since i started. i'd like to be in your slump though! sweet ass LO!

and omg! that dessert can kill someone! holy shit! tell me you all shared this!

caroline - your life effin' rocks! i love this blog cause i can live vicariously through you! when do you find the time?
Maggie Holmes said…
that concoction looks amazingly yummy!! Your layout is great too!!

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