Haircut, paper addiction, blue heaven

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The above photo collage just about sums up my day yesterday....

one >> I added to my paper collection. Went to a different (not-so-local) LSS. They had most of the stuff I'd been craving - like Chatterbox, KI (none of the old stuff though!) and Scenic Route!! Whoop. And then we went to Jo-Anns and they had a new Stack. I split this three ways with my hopefully-converted-scrapper friends.
two >> This is my Elaine working on her page.
three >> Random shot from Dodger Stadium. Looks cool.
four >> Shot of downtown L.A. from Dodger Stadium. Don't you love the smog?
five >> Sunset shots. Love taking them.
six >> I took this while walking to get food.
seven >> Garlic fries! Yumm....they're soooo good. And they smell sooooo good.
eight >> After the game (which was a loss), we went to Tapioca Express (Asian boba place). Love that place. Looks like I'm throwing a gang sign, but it's supposed to be the LA logo.
nine >> I cut my hair!!! It feels soooo light now.
ten >> This is really grainy, but I used my zoom to get a shot of the dugout. I dunno who this player is or what the hell he's doing, but it's hilarious!
eleven >> Tried to take this shot while singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." haha.


Vicki said…
Garlic fries? YUM! Never heard of them but I'm the biggest garlic fan ever. Your hair looks great :)
The ball game looks like fun! Great pics and I wish I had all of those yummy papers!!! I can't wait to buy some new supplies :D I'll do my tag tomorrow!

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