Friday post

Just things on my mind today -

- I went to my LSS today and I came home disappointed. This was my first time in a month,so I was expecting SOMETHING new, but nooo. Nothing. I'm sure they got new stuff but it was probably stuff I'm uninterested in, like Disney crap, which is ugly. I'm getting kind of frustrated at this place because they have an aversion to anything trendy or something. hahah. They'll carry a trendy brands here and there but it won't be the trendy items from that brand. Argh. I like the place because the people are nice, but still. I think I'll have to find another place to satisfy my obsession. Of course, if I wasn't reading scrap mags or playing at 2Ps all the time, then I wouldn't really care, but now I'm on the verge of crossing into absolute obsession. haha. I did, however, end up buying 10 sheets of paper and some Bazzill (I wanted some green, inspired by Kristi and all the green CS I had here was ugly greens).

- So I think I'm sort of my funk now. I cranked out 3 LOs yesterday. All are at 2Ps but my favorite is this - for effer dare #2.

Image hosted by
It's about my feminism. Well how I became a feminist because of my women's studies/history class. I used hidden journaling simply because I ran out of space. hah.

- Now I gotta get started on my #3, which is a kickass dare made up by Missy. I immediately though John Mayer's Room for Squares for this one because everytime I look at how the broken up squares of the photo, I think "I should do that." But I found my Blink CD and I remembered that I wanted to utilize that on a scrapbook LO sometime too.And my Maroon 5 CD has cool colors. So maybe I'll try to do multiple LOs for this dare this week. hah.

- In baseball news, anyone see that collision of Beltran and Cameron yesterday? Ouch. That was ugly. Also, anyone see that stupidass who jumped into the net the other day? And I thought Dodger fans were dumb. And I present to you my Baseball Bias article. I procrastinated majorly for that thing.

- Two of my friends came home from Berkeley today. Yay! Going to be lots of fun. My other friend is also coming home for a couple of weeks from a stint in Kosovo with the army.

- I can't figure out how to get Blogger pictures to work, so that's why I'm using Photobucket still. The toolbar with all the extra stuff like the images won't show up for me for some odd reason and I can't figure out how to get it so this is easier. hah.

- I finished Harry Potter. Actually, this was back on Tuesday or so. The 6th book was good, but it's not my favorite out of the series. All I can say without spoiling anything is that the 7th book is going to get interesting. Can't wait! When does that thing come out anyway?

- I re-discovered my free stuff forum today. I forgot how fun free stuff was. haha. I was depending on my LJ community to get free stuff but the forum is so much better. I should go back and visit it regularly again. Free stuff rules.


Emily Kate said…
How funny, I recently saved the photo of the Room for Squares cd to my computer to use it as LO inspiration! No ideas yet tho. :) I'm excited to see yours!

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