Corona del Mar

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I love the beach.

The cool ocean breeze, the smell, the sound of the waves - there's just something about them. It makes it peaceful and relaxing and makes you happy. There's just something about getting hit with the coldness of saltwater and getting pushed towards the shore by the waves, getting splashed and eventually wet with the water. There's just something about lying in the sand even though you know it's making you dirty and getting all over your hair. There's just something about the smoke that surrounds the area when everyone's having a bonfire, even though it stinks and it's hurting you lungs. There's just something special about looking at the sun fall off the horizon while you sit and chat in the sand, or walk along the shore. I love all of it. I would live at the beach if I could.

There's just something about the atmosphere and the water. It's magical.

And tonight, I will be going again. Yeah, I know I just went yesterday.

Enjoy the pictures.


May said…

The beach is so much fun!
Nisa said…
I wanna come to the beach! That sounds amazing... and great the three shadows in the sand.
Linda said…
Oohhhhhh...I love the beach too!! We live right by a beautiful one, but don't take advantage of it!! We really should...the pictures are great!
mollyb said…
I LOVE the beach too! you guys look like you are having a GREAT time!
Vicki said…
I love your photo collages! The beach sounds so nice. Don't get to see much beach here in Kansas. Have fun :)
Miki said…
Bummer, your photos didn't come up for me. Just a red X! I LOVE your description of the beach though!! The beach is my favorite, so I will be back to see if the photos work later.
Lots of great pics!!! I LOVE the beach it is so gorgeous and so relaxing. Enjoy!!!

I posted my answers to your tag on my blog :)
Brynne said…
I have never been to a beach :(

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