Blue heaven on earth

I got the saying from a fleece blanket the Dodgers were giving out one year. The game was not pretty (ugly ending and therefore a loss), but Dodger stadium is beautiful as always. Love that place (except for the idiots that you sometimes come across).

Anyhow, being the scrapbooker/wannabe photographer I am, I ended up taking something like 75 pictures. So I thought I'd share....

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Ah....sunsets. I love them. I love taking pictures of them. And sunsets at the stadium = gorgeous. So of course I'm taking pictures of them.

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This I took at an outing to the stadium a couple of months ago. This is even more prettier. Our seats were a little more higher-up and the sun didn't sink into the background so quickly...

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The famous Dodger dog. Yummmmm. Actually, they're not as good as they used to be but I still heard that they're sitll ranked as the no. 1 stadium dog. hah. They ARE pretty darn good!

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This shot of the field looks cool. Something about the lights? I don't know. Love the field, always looks so pretty! I hate that the railing is in the way though. Bad angle them seats were in....

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This is how far my zoom travelled. Not bad, but the pictures I used a lot of zoom didn't come out that great. This is okay, I guess. Meeting at the mound. God, our bullpen is just awful.

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Yep, THINK BLUE y'all!!!! I've been trying to get a decent picture of this sign forever and I finally got it. hah. It helps that we parked right in front of it!

Game was fun. They're always fun. It was a good game until the 9th inning, when our kid closer fell apart once again. How many times has this happened lately? I've lost count of how many leads the bullpen has given up. Pisses me off argh. Well, at least I know what to write for my article today....


kelly edgerton said…
Those are some fantastic photos. You have a good eye. I love the night shots. Nice job.
Wow those photos look great!!! Glad you had fun at the game :)
Missy said…
I'm an Angel girl myself.
But don't let that come between us ;)

Great photos!!
you are quite the photographer...

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