Weekend update..

The Dodgers frustrate me. I know that their whole team pretty much looks like their triple-A club, but *sigh*. They were out to a 5-1 lead and they totally blew it and got swept. Well, at least they've got a couple of days off for the All-Star break now. And then they come home and maybe they can give the Giants' a good ass-whooping. That would be nice.

My first article with Baseball Bias is up. It's about the exact team I was ocmplaining about earlier, and how they aren't bad off because they're still in the middle of a playoff race.

In other news -

I'll be busy working on the summer issue of the Courier next week (though Wendesday, anyways). Not looking forward to it. I guess it's because it's the summer and I really don't feel like doing much.

My friend had a game night on Friday. It was fun. He made up his own Twister game out of felt on his floor and that was cool. We also played this version of charades. I wish we played board games though...we had some but didn't get to them. I love board games. Except, as an only child, it was just me so I hardly played them.

I started my BOM this weekend....I honestly found it to be tons of fun and kind of easy. lol. I guess I like talking about myself? God, I'm vain. Yep, but I know and will admit that. lol.

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Just a bunch of things I am....i.e. journalist, baseball fanatic, shopaholic, etc. Picture look familiar? It's the picture that's my 2peas avatar. I used the burgandy cardstock because I had a bunch of it. And I wanted to use pinks. When I found that it went together quite well, I was happy.

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I got the idea of this one from a friend's livejournal. A while back, she listed a bunch of things she loved/hated and I decided that it would make a perfect LO. I honestly could've done a second page for this, but I didn't know how I would go about designing it. Therefore, the last one is "I hate how I'm out of room and still have more to write." LOVE the SEI Spring papers!

Both are up on 2Ps :)

I think I need to go stop by LSS this week, I'm getting sick of my stuff. haha. I also need to print out pictures, I'm getting sick of the ones I have currently, even though I have a whole pile of them.....


Ashley said…
Excellent job on both those LOs!
Chris-el-da said…
caroline, i'm so disappointed in you! you have to come to the BLOG area to post LOs now? lmao! great LO sista! i'm diggin' it.. gimme a shovel. ok- nuf of the gay stuff! and this is your avatar on 2ps? i didn't realize you had one.

Emily Kate said…
I'm lovin both of those LOs, Caroline! And I'm glad you posted them here because I've hardly been on 2peas so I would have missed them!
doris said…
love the los. love the contrast between the softness and edginess of them. and love all that journaling. awesome. :D
sweethc said…
Dig your layouts. Clean, yet stylish.

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