Random Stuff

- My summer vacation has officially started. Perhaps I should enlighten myself? I should also replenish my wallet somehow too. And I would like to drop those 10 lbs I've been meaning to deop every summer since....since I'm guessing sophomore year or so. hah. Oh, and I'm looking forward to plenty of fun also!

- Baseball trading deadline this week...what are the Dodgers going to do? Yay for the NL West being a totally craptacular division.

- This guy pissed me off. If you've been on 2Peas thel ast two days, you know what I mean. Who the hell is he to say how to scrapbook? Uhh. I don't want to hear it. Especially from a non-scrapper. Oh and his girlfriend? CM scrapper. Which is the minority. GRRRRRR.

- I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory over the weekend. Hilarious! I say you should go see it nowww! haha.

- I really want to go to the beach. The weather is getting better, but I hear it's going to be terrible over the weekend so it'll be a welcome relief. hah. I love the beach. Splashing in the water, bonfires, playing in the sand, taking tons of sunset pictures.....ahh. lol.

- I went (window) shopping yesterday. Didn't buy anything....Aeropostale, which we drive 40 minutes to for the nearest one, has really cute clothes and awesome sales and promotions.....too bad nothing really quite fits "right." Like this jacket....totally adorable. But the arm area was way tight while the sleeves were way long. Poo. Maybe next time I go there something will fit. hah.

- I have Krispy Kremes....they're divine. MMMMMMMMMMM. haha.

- I forgot how awesome my Revlon lipgloss in Cherries in the Glow was. I found it in one of my purses over the weekend and started using it again...it's a perfect red. Not to dark, not to sheer, perfect texture...yeah the stuff is great.


Emily Kate said…
I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last week! I agree, it was a really fun movie! Johnny Depp kept me laughing the whole time!
Klala said…
Who the hell is that scrapping guy????? I missed that, lol.

And now I want to go eat a donut.
Enjoy your summer vacation!!!

Krispy Kremes ... delicious. Scraping is a personal art form, there's not right or wrong way to do it! Some people are just off their rocker!
May said…
I want a donut... and to check out that lipgloss!!!

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